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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

The Support Website FAQ

Web Browsers

Which web browsers deliver the best Support experience?

Support is best experienced with the latest versions of popular web browser

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge

In the event you experience difficulty, clear your browser cache then login again. 


How do I register?
Go to and follow the onscreen instructions. For additional information on registration, please see How to Register for Support
Can multiple users register under the same email address?
Multiple users cannot use the same email address when registering to Support. Each Support User profile will be restricted to a single, unique email address which will then be used as the User's login for Support.
What is required for a user registration?
  • Customer Company Name
  • Your Customer Company Email Address
  • Product Name (any product purchased from Hitachi)
  • Serial Number (for a product that matches the above name)

The user should go to, click register, and follow the onscreen instructions. 

I have successfully registered with Support but have not received the activation email.
  • If you are still on the confirmation pop-up page, click ‘Resend Activation Email.’ This should send a new activation email to your registered email address, and invalidate the previous activation link.
  • Check your spam or junk folder for the email. Add to the safe senders list and/or mark the activation email as ‘Not Junk’ or ‘Not Spam.’
  • Reset password by clicking ‘Forgot Password.’ This will reset your account password and activate your account if your account is in an inactive state.
I have successfully registered with Support but the Hitachi activation email link has expired.
  • Click on the expired activation URL to go to the notification page. Click ‘Resend Activation Email.’
I am shown an error page when I click an activation URL.
  • It is possible you are not clicking the most recent URL. During registration, if you selected ‘Resend Activation Email,’ you received a new URL that invalidated your previous URL. Look for a more recent URL in your inbox.
  • Check your spam or junk folder for the email. Be sure to add to the safe senders list and/or mark the activation email as ‘Not Junk’ or ‘Not Spam.’
  • Reset your password using ‘Forgot Password.’ This step resets your account password and activates your account if your account is in an inactive state.


I need to reset my password.
Go to your user profile and click the ‘Change My Password’ button. An alternate option is to select ‘Forgot Password’ at login to receive an email that will allow you to create a new password.
Why does the “Do you own a Hitachi product?” window appear?
  • The “Do you own a Hitachi product?” window appears if you are using an email domain that is not recognized as a public domain (,, or not recognized as belonging to a Hitachi customer or partner company.
  • If you are an indirect Hitachi customer who has recently purchased a Hitachi product through a Hitachi partner, you must enter the product information. This will allow you to register as a Hitachi customer as well as provide you with Entitled Customer access.
  • If you are a not a Hitachi customer who would like to access Support as a guest, select the ‘No’ option and proceed to register.
When does a Support user account become “inactive”?
  • The account will become inactive, or expires, after a period of 365 days without the password being reset.
  • Expected behavior for an inactive account is to give "The Username and / or Password you have entered does not match our records. Please try again." message.  It will be necessary to contact Hitachi to request a password reset.
How does a customer user “re-activate” their Support account?
When does a Support user account password expire?
  • If the password has gone unchanged in 11 months a 30-day reminder/warning email is sent. If the password is not change in response to this email, a second 15-day reminder/warning email is sent.
  • If the password is still not changed and the password expires it will be necessary to contact Hitachi to request a password reset.
When does a Support customer account become “locked”?
  • If invalid credentials are provided 5 times in succession the account will be locked (become inactivated).
  • In such cases the account will automatically be unlocked/re-activated after a period of 30 minutes.


Why are software, firmware or documents unavailable?
  • Access is granted to software, firmware and documents based on your profile type: guest, customer, partner or employee.
  • Some downloads are only available to authorized service personnel and not available to the customer directly.
Do I need entitlement to a product in order to access downloads?

Once you are recognized as a customer or partner, Support gives you access to all downloads for your audience type.

Can I access the latest firmware in Support?
  • Click the Downloads tab, then Software and Updates, to access available firmware. Firmware can be found under available system drivers, firmware and adapters.
  • When Hitachi Vantara releases the latest firmware, it is available for download on Support. However some downloads are available only to authorized Service Partners.
Where are third-party network downloads located?
  • Third-party network downloads are located on the Downloads page under the Network Download tab. 
  • These downloads are not hosted on a Hitachi website. It may be necessary to register with the 3rd party for direct access.
After I select a download, it will not complete.
  • Please make sure you have agreed to the End User License Agreement when you click on a download.
  • The pop-up blocker must be turned off in order for downloads to work properly. Instructions to turn off your pop-up blocker are here.


When opening a Case, the serial number or marketing name are not showing up as a suggestion and cannot be defined.
Ensure you have selected the correct site ID where the product is installed.
What are the severity levels I can choose from when opening a Case?
On Support you can choose from severity 2 through 5. If you have a severity 1, you must contact us to speak with a Support Representative. See What are Severity Levels for more detail. 
How can partners access Cases and Case related resources?
Partners can go to the Salesforce page on Partner to access Case related training resources and launch Salesforce. 

Technical Bulletins

What are Technical Bulletins?
Technical Bulletins contain Technical Tips, Technical Alerts, Security Notices and Emergency Notifications that keep you informed about preventative maintenance, code releases, and other important product communications.
Where are my Technical Bulletin preferences located?
  • When viewing the Technical Bulletin Archive, select the ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ button at the top of the right-hand column.
  • ‘Manage Subscriptions’ can also be found under your profile icon located near the search bar, and in ‘Manage Preferences.’ You can subscribe to the technical bulletins of your choice and decide whether to receive bulletins online, via email or both.
  • More information can be found here

Access (Provisioning)

My Support account is activated but I am unable to access Knowledge.
  • Provisioning to Knowledge may take up to 30-40 minutes after your Support account is activated. Once provisioning is successful, Knowledge will be accessible from Support.
  • Please wait 30-40 minutes after account activation and try accessing Knowledge again.
  • Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding Knowledge
Why are My Products, My Sites and Cases options missing?
  • Users with public email domains (,, etc.) will have limited access to Support. Only valid business email domains of Hitachi customer companies can view their product information in My Products, My Sites and Cases.
  • If needed, update your business email via My Profile. Then add your products/sites using the ‘COMPLETE REGISTRATION’ link on the dashboard. You will then see My Products, My Sites and Cases available in the left navigation pane.
How can I access additional sites/products associated with my company? 


Is there a search function on Support for partners?
  • After searching in the upper right "Search Support " bar, partners can filter for Partner Support results by checking the box next to the Partner Support category.
  • Partners can also search within sections like Knowledge, Product Documentation and Technical Bulletins.
I am a partner, will I have the ability to view all sites and products of my customers?

For a partner user to see customer data please go to Partner Connect Portal which has partner tools for managing customer accounts.

Is Support Connect the replacement for Partner Connect?
  • Partner Connect is the site for partners which enables sales and customer management. Support is the location for technical and support related product information across all audiences.
  • Partner Connect is located at and uses the same login credentials as Support Connect.

More Help

How can I get help with Support?
  • Customers: Please click Contact Us from the Support website footer. You can access country-specific phone numbers under the Technical Support section.
  • Partners: Please click Partner Contact from the Support website footer.