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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Update Email Address from Personal Domain to Business Domain on Support



Update email address from a public domain (@gmail, @yahoo, @live...) to a business domain.  The use of business domain is required for customer accounts, in order to gain more access to additional features on Support Connect such as: My Products, My Sites, Technical Bulletins, Knowledge and Cases. 

Please note if you have already registered with a business domain, you cannot change it on Support Connect. Please contact us for further assistance. 



  1. Log in to Support 
  2. Hover over Welcome (your name)! and click My Profile
    Personal Domain to Business Domain A 12.30.19.png
  3. Click Edit.
    Personal Domain to Business Domain B 12.30.19.png
  4. Populate the Business Email field with your business email address and click save.
    Personal to Business Domain 2018 B.png
  5.  A banner will appear toward the top of the page notifying you a validation email was sent. Be sure to click the validation link within 24 hours in order to access Support Connect using your updated email address. 
    Guest to Customer E2018.png
  6. Navigate to email from Hitachi Vantara and click Activate Now
  7. You will be prompted to login
  8. After logging in, you may be prompted to select your company organization. Select the appropriate one and click continue.
    Guest to Customer G2018.png
  9. Confirm your selection by clicking yes
    Guest to Customer H.png

Additional Notes

Once registered using a personal email domain you will receive an email from Hitachi Vantara stating you are a guest user and in order to gain full access to Hitachi sites you can register with a business email address.
Additional Note 2018.png