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How to Subscribe to Receive Technical Bulletins


How to subscribe to Technical Bulletins on Support Connect.


Steps to Subscribe to Technical Bulletins

  1. Login to your Support  account. (requires registration)
  2. Click on your profile in the header, and then click Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Expand each section (Software, Systems, and Networking) by clicking the arrow box next to each section title. 
  4. Check the box for each product of which you would like to receive the Technical Bulletin and click Save. Note there is a check box for Online and Emails, make sure to select the correct option. 
  • Online will show the subscribed product Technical Bulletins on your Support dashboard and in the Technical Bulletins Archive.
  • Emails will be sent to your registered email address when the subscribed products release new Technical Bulletins.  

How to Subcribe TB 4.3.18B.png

Additional Notes

Save the selected preferences so you can begin receiving relevant Technical Bulletins in your inbox and see the latest bulletins on your Support dashboard.

Support Connect uses an opt-in model to send out Technical Bulletins. If a user does not opt-in for a specific Product, they will not receive the Technical Bulletins on the product via email.

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