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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Navigate the Support Dashboard



How to navigate the Support dashboard. 




Login to Support to access all the features Support has to offer including Product Downloads, Cases and Technical Bulletins. 

  • The dashboard displays commonly used resources.
  • The center pane is your personalized dashboard that delivers information relevant to your products and solutions, like Technical Bulletins, Hitachi Remote Ops Monitoring system status and Cases.
  • The search bar at the middle and top right of the page provides quick access to resources.

Account Management

Manage your user profile, site users and subscriptions by clicking on your user name to the left of the search bar, shown below. From there you can access:

  • My Profile: Edit your profile information, password and primary site.
  • View Site Users: View all users who have registered access to view a specific service site. For more information, click here.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Manage your Technical Bulletin subscriptions (online and/or email delivery for the products you choose to receive bulletins for). 

Header Drop-Down Menu 

Use the header drop down menu to access:

  • Knowledge: Find answers to help you solve your issue.
  • Technical Bulletins: Review archived bulletins and subscribe to new bulletins for online or email delivery for Hitachi products and solutions. Stay informed about preventative maintenance, alerts, and emergency notifications. To learn more about subscribing to tech bulletins click here.
  • Cases: Create and manage Cases for your Hitachi products and solutions. Quickly create and track the status of a Case and upload files to the TUF system, with the option to include Cases from Remote Ops (Hi-Track) Remote Monitoring system.
  • License Management: Select and retrieve copies of any software license keys already issued to your system.
  • Product Downloads: For the latest software, drivers and firmware downloads for your Hitachi products. 
  • Product Documentation: View best practices, installation notes, maintenance/service guides, release notes and user guides.
  • My Products: Shows you quick reference, details and support information on your products with the ability to add new products and search for products by alias or serial number. Support allows you to customize the alias of each product shown in My Products in order to reference products using your internal company nomenclature.
  • My Sites: Shows you the physical location of your sites and Hitachi products at those sites. 
  • Community: Explore Hitachi Vantara online community and join conversations with users and Hitachi personnel about Hitachi products and solutions. 
  • Learning: Explore Hitachi Vantara training where you can find popular courses, trainings, and resources.  

Additional Notes

For more information about Support, please see the following articles:


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