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How to Create a New Case on the Support Website


How to create a new Case on the Support Website. 



Steps to Create a Case from Top Navigation

The steps below only apply to Customer accounts. Partners and Employees should follow the steps listed in the articles under Additional Notes.

  1. Log into your Support website account (requires registration)
  2. Click on CREATE A CASE button in the top navigation. 
  3. The Case will be created in three steps: 
    1. Choose your site, enter your product name or serial number and provide a short description of the issue
    2. Review the suggested Knowledge articles to see if they solve your issue. If you find a relevant article that answers your question, click the Solution Found button.  If not, click the Continue button.
    3. Complete the Case form:
      1. Title: Give the Case a brief title (100 character limit).
      2. Description: This field is pre-populated with the description originally entered. Please add as much information as available and provide answers to standard performance questions if the issue is related to a performance problem (See Additional Notes below).
      3. Severity: Select from Severity 2 through Severity 5 (NOTE: Severity 1 is not available when creating a Case on Support Connect. For Severity 1 issues, please CALL Hitachi Vantara Support or contact your SAM for immediate assistance.)
      4. Site and Product are automatically populated based on your selections in step 1. 
      5. Reported By: Select when you would like to be contacted in the Availability drop-down list. Also, select an alternate contact from the Additional Contacts drop-down or select Add New Contact from the drop-down to add a new contact to the list. If your company has a 24 hour Command Center or NOC, enter the group email address/phone number as the alternate contact.
      6. Click the Submit Case buttonCase_5.png
  4. Once your Case is created, you will be taken to the Case Details page.
  5. If you need to attach any files, click on the Upload File button on the Case Details page.
  6. This will open a new pop-up window that will allow you to select a file for upload. The Case number and email address will be pre-populated, but you will need to enter a detailed description of the file being uploaded.
  7. If you need to upload multiple files, click Add another file and repeat step 5. Continue looping through this process until all files have been uploaded.

Steps to Create a Case from Product Details

  1. Log into your Support website account (requires registration)
  2. Hover over MY HITACHI and click on My Sites/Products
  3. Select a site to filter on products at that site or click the MY PRODUCTS tab to view all products across all sites.
    Browse through products by name or run a Search in the Search My Products... box in the upper right to find a specific product by name or serial number.
  4. Select the product to view the product detail page. Scroll down to the Related Cases section and click the NEW CASE button.
  5. Jump to step 3 under Steps to Create a Case from Top Navigation and follow those steps to complete the Case creation.

Additional Notes

To help expedite assignment to an engineer when opening a Case related to a performance issue, please include answers to these questions in the description of your Case or add them as a note:

  1. Detailed description of the Performance Problem.
  2. Which Ports, Host Storage Domains, LUNs, Array Groups, LDEVs, and/or Pools are having performance issues?
  3. What types of applications are affected? What are the application or database names?
  4. Timeline (please specify the Time Zone being used, like PST, GMT, UTC, etc).
    1. At what time(s) does the problem start?
    2. At what time(s) does the problem go away?
    3. Any additional anomalies?
  5. Data Collection from Performance Monitor. Please upload a 24-hour collection from the array and upload to TUF.
  6. Do you have any Virtual Instruments (VI Output Data) or other third-party performance monitoring metrics during the time period in question? If so, please upload to TUF.
  7. Trigger a Detail Dump from the storage array.
  8. Is there another array being virtualized behind the array that you opened the Performance Case on? If so, what is the serial number?
  9. Time difference between storage and server(s) NTP?

View more helpful articles on Data Collection and Triage Questions to help expedite your Case. 

For more information about the Support website, please see the following articles:


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