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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Hitachi Software Reference to Purchased Bundle

The chart below details the Product Bundles that a Software is contained in:

NOTE: The software license may be found in one or more product bundle. 

Hitachi Software Reference

"Looking for..."

Product Bundles Sold

"Licensed in..."

Device Manager (HDVM)

Device Manager, BOS, SVOS, Foundation, Advanced

Tuning Manager (HTnM)

Tuning Manager, Hitachi Analytics, Performance Analytics TNM Add-on, Foundation, Advanced

Tiered Storage Manager (HTsM)

Tiered Storage Manager, Mobility, Data Mobility, Foundation, Advanced

Replication Manager (HRpM

Replication Manager, In-System Replication, Disaster Recovery, Foundation, Advanced

Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA)

Hitachi Performance Analytics (Starting October 2016)


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