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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support Questions

Expedite the troubleshooting process for the most common issues by reviewing and answering the following questions for your product. 

General Troubleshooting Questions

  1. Please describe the issue in detail, screenshot of error would be very helpful.
  2. Time of the issue? Logs collected right after the issue?
  3. Is this problem regarding hardware i.e. CB500 blades, Brocade switches or Hitachi storage?
  4. Is the problem regarding Hitachi adapters i.e. (a) Hitachi Storage Manager for VMware vCenter (b) Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter?
  5. Is the problem regarding ESXi hosts?
  6. Is the problem regarding performance? Host, storage, network?
  7. Any recent change which may have caused the issue?


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