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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Basic Support Questions

Expedite the troubleshooting process for the most common issues by reviewing and answering the following questions for your product.

These questions are designed to help our customers better define the problem they are experiencing—ultimately leading to a faster diagnosis and resolution.

General Troubleshooting Questions

  1. What is the nature, or the symptoms, of the problem?
  2. Where is the issue occurring?
    1. If Hardware:
      1. What is the model number?
      2. Where is the location of the failure?
    2. If Software:
      1. What is the product name?
      2. What is the product version?
      3. What is the operating system it is running on?
    3. What are the major environmental details?
    4. Is anything flashing or being called out?
  3. Is this a new issue, recurring, or intermittent?
    1. If recurring, when did it last happen, and with what frequency?
    2. Has the GSC already provided a solution?
      1. Was a Service Request (SR) previously created?
  4. Has Knowledge already been used to find a solution?
    1. If so, which articles were examined?
  5. Please have a screenshot of the issue prepared.
    1. When prompted, you will save this using TUF
  6. If error code information is available, please have it ready to provide to the GSC.
  7. Exactly when did the issue occur?
    1. Local time stamp
    2. Device time stamp
  8. Did anything change in the environment prior to the issue?
    1. Examples include:
      1. Vendors changing products onsite
      2. Updating another system
  9. Has any self-troubleshooting been conducted?
    1. If so…
      1. What was done? (including screenshots).
      2. When did it happen? (time stamp)
      3. What documentation was used?
  10. Be prepared to describe/explain how the business/organization is being impacted?
  11. How would you describe the severity of the issue?
    1. “system down” or “production halted”
    2. “critical/severe restriction”
    3. “serious restriction”
  12. What type of site is this?
    1. Primary?
    2. Disaster recovery?
    3. Test environment/lab?
  13. What does your availability look like to work with the GSC in resolving this problem?
  14. If you have determined the impacted product(s), please use the Triage Questions for preparation questions specific to each product.


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