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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Automation Director Support Questions

Expedite the troubleshooting process for the most common issues by reviewing and answering the following questions for your product.

General Troubleshooting Questions

  1. What is the version of Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) and Hitachi Automation Director (HAD)?
    1. To Check: Log in to HiCommand Suite and Hitachi Automation Director, go to Help and Click “About” which will tell the version.
  2. Is Hitachi Automation Director (HAD) deployed using an Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA) or standard installer?
  3. Is HCS and HAD running on the same server or on different machines?
  4. Is this a new deployment or existing one?
  5. Is the issue occurring while trying to add Device Manager or vCenter or Brocade Network Advisor?
    1. If yes, are these configured to use SSL (https)?
  6. Are there any error messages with connection status at Web service connections?
    1. To Check: Log in to Hitachi Automation Director, go to Administration and Click on Web Service Connections which will show the “connection status”
  7. Is the issue occurring while trying to run any service template?
    1. If yes, please provide the name and version?
  8. What version of BNA, vCenter, or Oracle are you using?

Service Template Related Questions

  1. What Service template are you using?
  2. Is the Service Template a public template or a custom built template?
  3. What parameters are you providing to the Service Template? Example: Infrastructure group, hosts, storage array, storage ports, host WWNs, fabric, Vmware, Oracle, etc.
  4. Are there resources in the infrastructure group you are attempting to use?
    1. If yes, what resources are in the infrastructure group?
  5. Please provide a topology diagram of the environment or between the devices you are attempting to use with the service. 



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