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Support Connect Overview


Welcome to Hitachi Vantara Support Connect website at! This guide will familiarize you with the improvements and layout of Support Connect. Support Connect’s intuitive new dashboard is easy to navigate and brings together Hitachi Vantara legacy support resources, as well as new tools that improve your ability to find the support content you’re looking for. A unified website you can access from either your mobile or desktop device, Support Connect’s increased bandwidth and mobile device optimization will enhance your experience regardless of the platform you choose.

For frequently asked questions, please see the Support Connect FAQ

Getting Started

Support Connect Registration Flyer 

This flyer is shipped with product orders and details what the Customer needs in order to register, how to register and lists some of the features of Support Connect. Click here to view the flyer. 

How to Register for Support Connect

Support Connect Dashboard

Login to access all the features Support Connect has to offer including Product Downloads, Cases and Technical Bulletins. The new dashboard shown below is a 3-pane layout:

  • The left-hand navigation pane displays commonly used resources.
  • The right-hand navigation pane is contextual and provides more options for refining your middle-pane support content, as well as other shortcuts like upcoming courses in Hitachi's Learning Center.
  • The center pane is your personalized dashboard that delivers information relevant to your products and solutions, like Technical Bulletins, Hi-Track Remote Monitoring system status and Cases.
  • The search bar at the top right of the page provides quick access to resources.

SC Overview 2018A.png

Account Management

Manage your user profile, site users and subscriptions by clicking on your user name to the left of the search bar, shown below. From there you can access:

  • My Profile: Edit your profile information, password and primary site.
  • View Site Users: View all users who have registered access to view a specific service site. For more information, click here.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Manage your Technical Bulletin subscriptions (online and/or email delivery for the products you choose to receive bulletins for). 

SC Overview 2018B.png

Left-hand Navigation Pane

Use the left-hand navigation pane to access:

  • Knowledge: Find answers to help you solve your issue.
  • Technical Bulletins: Review archived bulletins and subscribe to new bulletins for online or email delivery for Hitachi products and solutions. Stay informed about preventative maintenance, alerts, and emergency notifications. To learn more about subscribing to tech bulletins click here.
  • Cases: Create and manage Cases for your Hitachi products and solutions. Quickly create and track the status of a Case and upload files to the TUF system, with the option to include Cases from Hi-Track Remote Monitoring system.
  • License Management: Select and retrieve copies of any software license keys already issued to your system.
  • Product Downloads: For the latest software, drivers and firmware downloads for your Hitachi products. 
  • Product Documentation: View best practices, installation notes, maintenance/service guides, release notes and user guides.
  • My Products: Shows you quick reference, details and support information on your products with the ability to add new products and search for products by alias or serial number. Support Connect allows you to customize the alias of each product shown in My Products in order to reference products using your internal company nomenclature.
  • My Sites: Shows you the physical location of your sites and Hitachi products at those sites. 
  • More Information: Find details on service and support programs, warranty information, self-service, interoperability, EOL and more.
  • Community: Explore Hitachi Vantara online community and join conversations with users and Hitachi personnel about Hitachi products and solutions. 

SC Overview 2018C.png


Clicking Knowledge displays the Knowledge System with current articles on Hitachi Products. 

Perform a search of the Knowledge system by using the "Search Knowledge and Documentation" search box.

Technical Bulletins

Clicking Technical Bulletins displays archived bulletins. (Login Required)

  1. The center column displays all bulletins that meet your selection criteria on the right
  2. Use the right hand column to change filter criteria and results will display in the center column

To receive Technical Bulletins by email, please reference How to Subscribe to Receive Technical Bulletins.

SC Overview 2018D.png


To create or view Cases on Support Connect, you must first login. 

A. The center column displays Cases which meet your filter criteria.

B. The right hand column can filter results displayed based on selected criteria.

For instructions on creating a Case please see: How to Create a New Case Using the Support Connect Website

SC Overview 2018 E.png

Product Downloads

Click Product Downloads for the latest software, drivers and firmware downloads for your Hitachi products. (Login Required)

A. Networking downloads: downloads related to 3rd party Hitachi specific downloads for Brocade, Cisco and QLogic.
B. Available Software Software related downloads.

C. Available System Drivers, Firmware & Adapters: download overview including compatible products and included components.

SC Overview 2018 F.png

Product Documentation

Search or navigate through the product structure to find best practices, installation notes, maintenance/service guides, release notes and user guides for your product. 

SC Overview 2018 I.png

My Products

View the complete list of all your products. Click on a product to access the product details including Cases, Warranty & Maintenance, and quick links to Downloads and related information for that product. 

SC Overview 2018 J.png

My Sites

Displays a lists of sites that a user has registered for Support Connect Access.

  • Select a Site to view products installed at that site.
  • Add a product if your product does not display and you purchased through a 3rd party.

To add additional sites, please reference How to Add Additional Sites on Support Connect.

SC Overview 2018 G.png

More Information

Access other support sites, learn more about our service programs, levels and warranties, view product interoperability, or find a support office location in your area.

SC Overview 2018 H.png

Contact Us

Click Contact Us from the website footer and select your country from the drop-down menu shown below to view the support numbers for your region.

For frequently asked questions, please see the Support Connect FAQ

SC Overview 2018 K.png