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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Time Based Support Lifecycle Matrix

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Content Platform
Version Service Pack? GA Release Date End of Normal Support  End of Limited Support
9.3.6 Yes 20-MAY-2022 10-FEB-2023 10-FEB-2024
9.3.5 Yes 05-APR-2022 10-FEB-2023 10-FEB-2024
9.3.4 Yes 16-MAR-2022 10-FEB-2023 10-FEB-2024
9.3.3 Yes 28-JAN-2022 10-FEB-2023 10-FEB-2024
9.3.1 Yes 03-NOV-2021 10-FEB-2023 10-FEB-2024
9.3.0 No 10-AUG-2021 10-FEB-2023 10-FEB-2024
9.2.4 Yes 12-MAY-2021 14-APR-2022 14-APR-2023
9.2.3 Yes 31-MAR-2021 14-APR-2022 14-APR-2023

9.2.2 version of

HCP Data Migrator





9.2.2 Yes 02-MAR-2021 14-APR-2022 14-APR-2023
9.2.1 Yes 08-DEC-2020 14-APR-2022 14-APR-2023
9.2.0 No 14-OCT-2020 14-APR-2022 14-APR-2023
Virtual Storage Software Block
Version Service Pack? GA Release Date End of Normal Support End of Limited Support
1.09.00 No 07-FEB-2022 07-AUG-2023 07-AUG-2024
1.10.01 No 09-JUN-2022 09-DEC-2023 09-DEC-2024


Any Software not listed will be Version Based Software!  See Version_Based_Support_Lifecycle_Matrix