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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Upload Files to TUF Using SFTP


Step by step instructions for uploading files to TUF using SFTP.



The most important thing when uploading via SFTP to TUF is that the files are named correctly.

The files must be named with the Case Number as the first part of the file name.  Files uploaded via SFTP without that naming convention will be lost. Hitachi does not support the upload of files using FTP because it is unencrypted.

Naming Convention

  1. Rename the file to match the correct format. If the file is not named correctly it will never get routed to the Case.
  • It is important to remember to place a period between the case number and the filename, other characters do not follow the required naming convention.
  • To upload a file named "" to case 12345678, you would need to rename the file to "".
  • To upload a file named "Another_Example.tgz" to case 87654321, you would need to rename the file to "87654321.Another_Example.tgz".
  • You must have a valid open Case Number for this to work.

Examples of correctly named files are:

  • 00001234.trace.dat
  • 00005678.hdcp.tgz

The username for SFTP upload to TUF is: trcsftp
The password for SFTP upload to TUF is: TrueN0rth
  (note that the 0 is a zero)

Use WinSCP to Transfer a File Over to a Case

  1. Use an SFTP program like WinSCP to log into TUF. Here are the credentials:
    1. Host name:
    2. User name: trcsftp
    3. Password: TrueN0rth ("0" is a zero)
    4. Make sure the SFTP protocol is selected
  2. Drag the file into the folder "incoming"
    Do not open the incoming folder and try to drag a file inside.
    Use the cd command (or click if a GUI based SFTP client) to change to the incoming directory.
    DO NOT create any subdirectories.  Upload the files to the incoming directory only.
  3. Once the upload completes, files will be automatically moved to the Case after 10-20 minutes. The Case notes will be updated with the upload of the files, and anyone subscribed to the Case will receive a notification.

Additional Notes

Command Line SFTP Instructions

Example of Command Line SFTP to Upload a File


Note: You can use SFTP to upload files greater than 2GB to TUF. However, GSC recommends splitting your files into 1GB chunks. For instructions on how to do this, please see the article "How to Upload Files Larger than 2GB to TUF".

The trcsftp user only works outside HitachiVantara.  It will not work if you are VPN in to HitachiVantara.

Internally please use gscuser and current password.