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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Upload Files to TUF



To be able to upload files to TUF. 

For additional instructions please see the following articles:


  1. Navigate to the TUF upload page:
    TUF supports the upload of files via HTTPS (preferred and easiest method) and/or SFTP.
    TUF General 1.png
  2. Fill out the form. All fields on the HTTPS upload form are required. The most important field, however, is the SR Number. If the SR Number is entered incorrectly, TUF will be unable to correctly route your file, and may result in delayed response times and may also require the user to upload the file(s) again.
  3. Click Choose Files to upload the file to TUF. Files uploaded via HTTPS are restricted to 2GB or less in size. There is no file size limitation for SFTP uploads. Hitachi recommends all files be 1GB or smaller.
  4. Click Begin Upload. Files uploaded via HTTPS will notify the uploader via email that the upload was successful (if the email address provided on the upload form is correct). 


Additional Notes

For additional instructions on uploading files to TUF please see the following articles. 


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