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How to Upload Files Larger than 2GB to TUF



Step by step instructions for uploading files larger than 2GB to TUF.

Automated Tool

Hitachi provides a utility called "TUF Split, File Utility" which automates the splitting and upload of large files to TUF.  This is the easiest and most automatic method for uploading a large file to TUF without following a manual procedure.  More details about the tool are at:

How to Download and Install TUF Split File Utility  

If you can not use the Automated tool, we provide the manual process bellow to split files into 2GB or smaller chunks.

Manual Procedure

Split Files larger than 2GB using 7zip

A free open source utility called 7zip is available for windows which can easily compress and split large files.
Once you have installed 7zip, you can split a file into 2GB chunks very simply.

  1. Right click on the file you would like to split, and select "7-Zip -> Add To Archive".
    TUF Instructions 1.png
  2. In the Add to Archive window that pops up select the Split to volumes, bytes field and enter 2G
    TUF Instructions 2.png
  3. This will compress and create as many 2GB files as are needed to contain all the data in the large file. Upload these files through the TUF website.

Split Files larger than 2GB using UNIX Command Line

The standard UNIX utility split can split files. The following command will compress and split a file into 2GB chunks:
gzip -c /path/to/your/large/file | split --bytes=2G - compressed.gz


Additional Notes

Some points to consider:

  • Files larger than 1GB are not supported for upload by many customer firewalls, browsers, web accelerators, proxies, and other items outside of Hitachi control.
  • Because uploads are not resumable, any upload interrupted due to network connectivity issues will have to be uploaded again. This inconvenience is magnified when the file is excessively large.
  • Hitachi supports the upload of files up to 2GB via HTTPS. Larger files must be split into 2GB chunks (or smaller) if uploaded via HTTPS.
  • Files larger than 2GB but smaller than 4GB can be uploaded via SFTP
  • Files larger than 2GB can also be uploaded using the TUF Split File Utility which has no limit on file size, because files will be split automatically into 2GB chunks. 


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