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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Downloading VSP Trace Files Using the FD Dump Tool

Use the FD Dump tool to download trace files onto a hard disk drive. The downloaded trace files can be used for the following reasons:

  • For troubleshooting purposes. Use the FD Dump tool to download trace files from SVP and give it to the Hitachi Vantara service personnel.
  • For checking configuration. First, in Storage Navigator click Refresh All command to refresh the configuration information, and then use the FD Dump tool to download trace files.


  • No other user (including SVP user) should be using the FD Dump tool.
  • No maintenance operation is being performed.


  • GSC recommends you ONLY collect Detailed Trace (for DKC Performance). This is because the VSP’s configuration data is not fully updated when Normal Trace or Detailed Trace is collected. If you collect a Normal Trace or Detailed Trace, all GSC can do is analyze basic SIMs and SSBs found in the DUMP.
  • While the Trace file is processing/collecting, you will be unable to perform Storage Navigator operations.

To download trace files from the SVP:

  1. Start a web browser and specify the following URL to open the Tool Panel: https://[IP-address-or-host-name-of-SVP]/cgi-bin/utility/toolpanel.cgi
  2. Click Download Trace Files. The Login dialog box opens.
  3. Enter the root/default user ID and password* and click Login. The Download Trace Files dialog box opens.
  4. Select a file that you want to download.
  • Normal Trace includes all information about SVP and the minimum information about the storage system. Select this when you have a less serious problem such as incorrect display.
  • Detail Trace includes all information about the storage system as well as the same information as Normal Trace. Select this when Storage Navigator has a serious problem (for example, Storage Navigator does not start) or when you need to determine if the storage system has a problem.
  • Detail Trace (for DKC Performance) (70-03-01-00/00 code and later only) this is the GSC recommended Trace/Dump as it is the equivalent of a Mode 31 Detailed Dump.
  • Existing Trace indicates the trace file the last time you downloaded.
  1. Click Next >>. A message appears confirming the execution of compression of the trace files.
  2. Click OK. File compression processing starts. When the file is compressed, the Download Trace Files dialog box opens for the download.
  3. Click Download. The File Download dialog box opens.
  4. On the File Download dialog box, click Save this file to disk, and then click OK. The Save As dialog box opens.
  5. Specify the download destination, and then click Save. When the file is downloaded successfully, the Download complete dialog box opens.

The downloaded file will look similar to Hitachi,_Ltd_53009_20110902092420.tgz

The convention used is Hitachi,_Ltd_RRRRR_YYYYMMDDHHNNSS.tgz where:

R = Serial Number

Y = Year

M= Month

D = Day

H = Hour

N = Minute

S = Second

  • This information is from Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Hitachi Storage Navigator User Guide (MK-90RD7027-00) -> "Troubleshooting" -> "Downloading trace files using the FD Dump tool" and applies to Hitachi VSP microcode 70-01-0x or later.

* For step 3, if the root storage navigator login is disabled, you can use any Storage Navigator account as long as it has root access.


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