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HTnM Agent Logs

HTnM Agent Logs

In order to gather the appropriate logs for a problem with an Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) agent, the command jpcras is used. You do not need to use this command if the agent resides on the HTnM server. Use the Server Data Collection procedures instead.

You need to stop the agents on local host before executing the jpcras command.



C:\Program Files\HiCommand\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools\jpcras [Output Directory] servicekey all
C:\Program Files\HiCommand\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools\jpcras [Output Directory] servicekey all inst=YourInstanceName

To collect information for all agents installed on this server: 
C:\Program Files\HiCommand\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools\jpcras [Output Directory] all all

    Note: Data in the Agent's Store database is not subject to collection. If the size of the database is not large, you can collect data including the database by using the jpcras command with the all all option specified. Otherwise, you can use a single all.


/opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcras [Output Directory] servicekey all


Prerequisite for command usage

Before acquiring the information about the Agent database of Tuning Manager server, make
sure that the Agent services are stopped.



Use the Service Key for the appropriate agent. The current service keys as of HTnM 4.0 and above are:

agtd - agent for Raid 
agte - agent for RaidMap 
agtn - agent for NAS 
agto - agent for Oracle 
agtq - agent for MS/SQL 
agtr - agent for DB2 
agtt - agent for platform (Windows) 
agtu - agent for platform (Unix) 
agtw - agent for Switch (Brocade, McData and CISCO)
agtx - agent for Exchange

Additional data needed

  • Environment (server & agent OS platforms)
  • Date and Time of problem occurrence
  • Detailed description of failure

For an up to date, more detailed understanding of HTnM data collection, please refer to the latest manuals.



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