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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Download Logs on CB500

Compute Blade 500 Log Collection

NOTE: You may need more than one log set type for a case. For example, if the customer had a spontaneous reboot of a Windows host, we would need a getconfig and SVP logs. If the customer had an HVM Virtual Server crash, then we would need a getconfig of that host type when it comes back up, and the HVM dump (which would come with an SVP dump). Please use your best judgment for which log gathering procedures apply for the case.

All procedures can be run with the customer's credentials.

Please disable any web browser popup blockers during the log collection procedure and file upload.

You can get logs from the following parts in the chassis:

The Blade OS
  • Windows = Windows getconfig
  • Linux = UNIX getconfig
    • SAP HANA
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) sosreport
      • Suse Enterprise Linux Server (SLES)  supportconfig -l 
  • VMWare ESX = VMWare getconfig
The FC Switches


The LAN Switches

DCB Switches: The Brocade VDX data collection applies.

Alaxala Switches:

  1. Telnet to the switch
  2. Enable log capture
  3. Run "show tech-support"
  4. Save the output of the text to a log file


  1. Log into the SVP using the URL https://[Customer Configured Mgmt IP] from any web browser.

  2. Enter your login credentials

  3. Select Administration tab.

  4. Under "General Tasks" select Dump Log.

  5. Select Download.

  6. Save the file and then upload to TUF.