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AIX Importing and Exporting Storage

Importing and Exporting Storage

In an environment where there is a storage administrator and a systems administrator, there are some best practices and procedures for importing and exporting disks between hosts. Each administrator has some distinct responsibilities.


AIX Administrator

Releasing a volume and volume group


  • Unmount the filesystem.
  • Vary off the volumegroup.
  • Export the volumegroup.
  • rmdev the associated vpath or dlmfdrv's.
  • rmdev the associated hdisks.

Removing 1 hdisk from a volume group


  • reducevg hdiskN.
  • rmdev the associated vpath or dlmfdrv's
  • rmdev the associated hdisks.

Receiving a new volume


  • run cfgmgr.
  • Verify that newly imported hdisks do not have a conflicting PVID.


Storage Administrator


  • Re-allocated storage should be re-formatted on the subsystem before releasing to systems administrators. This ensures that confidential data does not flow from one group to another, and prevents PVID conflicts.
  • Extra care must be taken when re-allocating ShadowImage volumes. There is the potential for PVID conflicts because the copy has the same PVID as the source.
  • AIX - Importing and Exporting Storage


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