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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Collect Logs from Extreme 200 Series Switch



  • To collect logs from an Extreme 200 Series Switch for troubleshooting


  • Content Platform
  • Extreme Networks


  1. Connect serial cable (pinout varies by product) into console port.
  1. Open PuTTY or another terminal emulator.
  1. Set the serial connection settings to:
    • 9600 bps 
    • no parity
    • 8 data bits
    • 1 stop bit
    • XON/XOFF flow control
      Do not use hardware flow control. The switch does not use it and will never assert CTS.
  1. Login using (default credentials provided below):
    • user: admin
    • password: leave empty
  1. Enter into Privilege EXEC mode

(Extreme 210)> enable

  1. Disable CLI paging:

(Extreme 210)# terminal length 0

  1. While in Privileged EXEC (enable) mode and having configured the terminal emulator for capture, issue the following command:

(Extreme 210)# show tech-support