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Brocade VDX Log Collection

Brocade VDX Log Collection

The copy support command not only runs diagnostic commands, but also gathers core dumps, trace files, and other relevant data. In the same action, the command also copies all this information to a remote host. 

Once on the remote host, your switch provider can proceed to analyze the problem. Meanwhile, your switch can be returned to production with minimal downtime.

To capture support data, complete the following steps:


  1. Log in to the switch
  2. In privileged EXEC mode, enter the copy support command to capture the support data. The "copy support" command has options to copy the support date to a remote server using FTP or SCP, or you can save to a local USB device. You can use the command in a single command line, or in interactive mode.

The following example uses the single command line mode to copy the support data files to a remote host using FTP.


switch# copy support ftp host user admin directory 108

Password: *****

The following example uses the interactive form of the command and FTP:


switch# copy support-interactive

Server Name or IP Address:

Protocol (ftp, scp): ftp

User: admin

Password: *****


VCS support [y/n]? (y): y