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Brocade ICX Supportsave

Brocade ICX Supportsave

  1. You will need to have access to a TFTP server to obtain the supportsave from this switch. A regular FTP server will not work. You can find an application online that supports TFTP - such as SolarWinds TFTP server application or any other you are familiar with.
  2. You will need a Telnet application such as Putty, Secure CRT or TeraTerm to access the switch.

The following supportsave commands are used to collect the system logs. 

TFTP is disabled by default, if FIPS is enabled. Enable TFTP manually for uploading supportsave 
data. It is a prerequisite to have the TFTP server with a write permission and the server must be 
accessible from the device.

Use the fips policy allow tftp-access command in configuration mode to enable TFTP access while 
the FIPS is enabled. You can try this command below without enabling the FIPS policy, this should normally work.


Brocade# supportsave all 
Supportsave started. This operation may take several minutes.
Press "A" to abort supportsave operation.
ICX6430-48P Supportsave completed in 10 seconds

Once complete, upload to TUF

Additional Notes

For more information on how a Supportsave gets collected see the video below:

Brocade Supportsave


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