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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Arista Data Collection


Arista Data Collection

This provided the procedure to collect diagnostic data via the command line from Arisita network switch.  

Once data is collected

Upload facility

Hitachi Vantara requires all data collections to be uploaded to a central upload site. This is to ensure that all data is collected in a central repository only accessible to authorized Hitachi personnel.

Please upload all data to

Arista Switches

  • UCP CI
  • UCP HC
  • UCP Director

Arista Switch logs

  1. Login into the Arisita switch
  2. Execute the following commands where $case is Hitachi case number
    1. example: show tech-support | gzip > /mnt/flash/$CASE-show-tech-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
      1. show tech-support | gzip > /mnt/flash/02625832-show-tech-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
        1. show tech-support | gzip > /mnt/flash/$CASE-show-tech-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          show agent log | gzip > /mnt/flash/$CASE-show-agentlog-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          show agent qtrace | gzip >/mnt/flash/$CASE-show-agentqt-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          show logging system | gzip >/mnt/flash/$CASE-show-logsys-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          bash sudo tar -cvf - /mnt/flash/schedule/tech-support/* > /mnt/flash/$CASE-history-tech-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%d_%m.%H%M).tar

          show event-monitor arp | gzip >/mnt/flash/$CASE-show-eventarp-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          show event-monitor mac | gzip >/mnt/flash/$CASE-show-eventmac-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          show event-monitor lacp verbose | gzip >/mnt/flash/$CASE-show-eventlacpverbose-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz
          show event-monitor route | gzip >/mnt/flash/$CASE-show-eventroute-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%m_%d.%H%M).gz



Additional Notes

Other command to gather more diagnostic information on physical port Small From-Factor Pluggable  SFP+ SFP28

show it etx  mac de
show int etx phy de
show int etx capabilities



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