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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How To Collect HCS Server Data



To address how to collect a full data collection of the HCS environment required for troubleshooting and escalating a service request


  • Hitachi Command Suite
  • Hitachi Device Manager
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager
  • Hitachi Replication Manager
  • Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager


  1.  Collect Full HCS version
    • - Prior to logging into the HCS GUI, select License, let the fields populate and provide the HDvM version display
    • - or upload a screen capture of the fully populated fields
  2. HCS server host o/s and patch levels
  3. If HDvM and HTnM are on separate hosts, a getconfig will be required from each host
  4. Download and run the latest version for the appropriate host o/s: 
  5. If the HTnM agent is not installed on the local HDvM or HTnM host, use the link below to collect and upload the remote host HTnM agent logs

Additional Notes

Alternative data collections if the getconfig fails.  These will create a smaller data collection consisting of 2 *.jar files to manually upload


<installation dir>\HiCommand\Base64\Bin\hcmds64getlogs /dir x:\your_dir_here /logtypes log


/OPT/HiCommand/Base64/Bin/hcmds64getlogs - dir OPT/your_dir_here -logtypes log

   example = /dir C:\getlogs_11_21     = empty directory of your choice

When command finishes, zip the 2 files in /dir C:\getlogs_11_21 and upload to TUF  

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