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How to Generate SUSE Logs


The following article, guides you through the process of generating SUSE logs using the command supportconfig.


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES)

  • Data Collection


Use the following procedure to generate SUSE logs:

  1. Open a shell and become root.
  2. Run the command supportconfig. If the supportconfig command fails, check for the supportutils package. If it’s not installed, Click Here

  3. Wait for the tool the results.
  4. Find the file in /var/log . The file name format be something like scc_HOST_DATE_TIME.tbz

Additional Notes

You might want to specify the search. In the following table, you will see the most common options.



supportconfig -m

Display the manual for supportconfig

supportconfig -i <Topic>

Limit the search to a specific area or feature

supportconfig -l

Rotate the log files after a kernel crash.