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Symantec NetBackup Data Collection for HPP

Symantec NetBackup data collection for HPP

When the data backup application that is accessing the HPP system is Symantec's NetBackup (NBU), there are times when information about the NBU environment is required. The primary data collection tool for Linux/Solaris bases media servers is the 'medsrv_audit.txt' script.

  1. Download this script and install it on the media server in question.
  2. Add execute permission to the script:   chmod a+x
  3. Run the script. It will create a output file named 'MediaServer_serverName.log'
    (e.g. '').
  4. Upload the 'MediaServer_serverName.log' file to us for analysis.

NOTE: This script is valid only for Linux-based (e.g. RedHat, CentOS, SuSE) media servers. For Windows-based media servers and all other Unix (e.g., AIX, HP-UX), run the 'nbsu' command (see below).


Netbackup Support Utility (NBSU) [includes 'bppllist <policy name> -L']

Under certain situations, triage and resolution of a customer issue with an HPP system will require extensive knowledge of the NBU environment. Just as a Symantec customer support member would request, we too would need the customer to run the NetBackup Support Utility ('nbsu') and upload the resulting compressed TAR-format file to the case for analysis by HPP support staff.

OpsCenter Report

OpsCenter is a separately-licensed feature (i.e., not all NBU customers will have this installed) that can be used to generate reports about data backup and replication jobs which may be needed to triage/resolve a customer issued related to an HPP system. At sites where OpsCenter is installed and for cases involving backup and replication failures, generate a backup and replication summary report and upload it so us.

Agent/Module logs

Some issues will require the collection of NBU agent logs. These logs are only generated on demand by creating directories on the media servers in the 'logs' directory (for Linux/Unix systems: /usr/openv/netbackup/logs). The logs typically required are 'bptm' and 'bpdm'. Consult the NetBackup documentation for enabling debugging logs for the version you are using and enable the logging for 'bptm' and 'bpdm'. Due to the large volume of logging that will take place, enable this logging only for as long as is necessary to capture an instance of the failure, then disable it by renaming the directory. Once renamed, ZIP up the contents of the directories and upload them to TUF for analysis.

NOTE: There may be cases require Increased verbosity levels for the logging. Support staff will inform you if your case requires such increased logging levels.


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