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UCP Pro for VMware vSphere

UCP Pro for VMware vSphere

UCP for VMware provides comprehensive and simplified management directly within the VMware vCenter console significantly reducing time to market and operational costs with familiar tools. This is an enterprise-class unified solution that is designed to fit into existing "real world" data center frameworks.

Hitachi provides support for all components within this solution. Hitachi supports all hardware and storage components and will gather logs depending on what the problem may be.


This environment can be populated with both additional fiber switches and CB500 Chassis.

Since the UCP Pro solution is managed entirely by Hitachi, the passwords and accounts associated with the switches are only visible to Hitachi representatives only.

Therefore, if data collection is needed on the switches in this environment, this should be done by the CE or Hitachi personnel authorized to do such.

In order to collect the logs individually, Hitachi personnel will need to follow the link below to visit the KB article to view the credentials needed for various hardware components.


UCP Pro VSphere

Cisco Nexus Switch Log Collection:

The collection is fairly simple for the Nexus 5548 and Nexus 3048.

  • Open your terminal application.
  • Enable "logging" on the terminal application.
  • Set the switch terminal length to 0, so that the output of the command below does not pause until complete. The command for this is the following, you will execute from the EXEC prompt - #terminal length 0.
  • Then enter the command "show tech-support details".
  • When the output is complete, you should have an output file saved to a location you chose and ready to be uploaded to TUF.

Orchestrator (Director) Logs

On the UCPManagement VM (.243) logs are found in the following hidden folder in C:\Program Data\Hitachi\UCP\Logs

  • Orchestrator_APTTrace.log - Director Orchestrator logs.
  • UCPMonitor_APITrace.log - Logs pertaining to monitoring of the hardware components.
  • ReplicationManager_APITrace.log - Reports replication activity.
  • WebTrace_APITrace.log - WEB UI logs.
  • JobScheduler_APITrace.log - Issues with scheduled tasks.

If replication is involved, collect the logs listed below (in addition to the Orchestrator logs above)

On the Datacenter VM (.249):

  • DatacenterDirector_APITrace logs. (Get the archived logs with dates corresponding to the incident.)

From the REPL VM (.248):

HORCM files


CCI Logs

  • C:\HORCM\log0\horcc_SRM_log
  • C:\HORCM\log1\horcc_SRM_log

**Note: If the times are not synced up between VM’s, make sure to find a common time stamp or to grab all logs from the past couple days.



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