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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Why Is My Port Speed Not Auto Negotiating At The Fastest Speed



I have a storage port SFP that is capable of higher speeds than it is auto negotiating at, why is that?


  • All Storage Arrays


The auto negotiate functionality will only negotiate at the speed that the link will allow. If the port speed is negotiating at a speed that is below it's max value, then either the corresponding port that it is connected to is either set to a lower speed or there are physical link errors on the path that are preventing throughputs at the speeds the ports are capable of. 

It will be important for you to check what the other ports are capable of (or set to) and make sure that matches what you think the array port should be negotiating at. If it does match, then you will want to review the port errors on the path and determine if there are any physical layer problems (bad cables, SFPs, or patch panel ports in between).

Additional Notes