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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

What Are the Recommended Cache Write Pending Levels For My Storage Array



I am monitoring my Storage Array's performance and I was wondering what Cache Write Pending (CWP) Levels are recommended/normal for my system?


  • Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)
  • VSP G/F Series Arrays (G1X00, F1X00, GX00, FX00, G5X00)
  • HUS VM


Hitachi recommends that CWP remain below 40% for open-systems and 30% for mainframe systems. Levels above these values will start to see elongation in response times and if CWP hits 70% then inflow control will trigger which will, by design, impose a slow down on host IO inbound to the CLPR that hit 70%. This is done so that the array can emergency destage data from cache to disk.

Additional Notes