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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Collect Identity Card FRU Information for Advance Server DS7000



  • To collect the detailed FRU information for an Advanced Server DS7000
  • The Identity Card provides FRU information that would be required for proper FRU part number identification
  • Gathering the Identity Card information would also be required before a hardware upgrade is requested for an Advance Server DS7000
    • It will help to order similar part numbers in case it is required for proper partitioning of the system later on.


  • Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 Family (DS7020, DS7040, DS7080, DS7160)


  1. Login to the System Hardware Console (SHC) using the IP address of the BMC for the master server module

  2. Click on the Maintenance tab at the top
    • Click on Hardware Information -> FRU
    • This will display the FRU information page

  3. Select the Module you would like to collect the Identity Card file
    • Collect the FRU information in XML format by clicking on the Get Identity Card button and follow the instructions on the screen




Additional Notes

  • This procedure can be performed using the CLI.
  • See Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 Remote Hardware Management CLI Reference Guide for more information.