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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

What Action Is Required When One Encounters Volt PVCCIN CPU1 or Volt PVCCIN CPU0



  • In System Event Log  Text (SEL.TXT ) of Advanced Server DS120, DS220, DS240   one observes 
    • [Critical]        [CATERR]        [Processor]    IERR - Asserted
    • [Critical]        [Volt_PVCCIN_CPU1]    [Voltage]        Lower Critical - Going Low (Reading: 0.000 Volts/ Threshold: 1.431 
    • [Critical]        [Volt_PVCCIN_CPU0]    [Voltage]        Lower Critical - Going Low (Reading: 0.000 Volts/ Threshold: 1.431 


  • Advanced Server DS120
  • Advanced Server DS220
  • Advanced Server DS240


  1. Replace Server Mother Board  (MB) & and affected Central Processing Unit  (CPU)
  2. That if error states Volt_PVCCIN_CPU0  replace CPU0 and MB if error states Volt_PVCCIN_CPU1 replace CPU1 & MB 


The voltage regulator on MB has  has failed.  This allows un regulated voltage to affect CPU.  Which results in component  failure. This why both CPU and MB have to be replaced. 

Additional Notes