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Hitachi Command Suite Tabs Not Working After Version Upgrade KAIC16902-E



  • Error Message: A timeout occurred during connection to the server. The server might be busy. Wait a while, and then retry the operation. If this problem persists during volume searches, change the conditions so that fewer volumes match the conditions.


  • Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) Tabs work correctly on the HCS Server itself, but the browser GUI tabs do not work on external systems.


  • Hitachi Command Suite (HCS)


  1. On the browser that is encountering this issue, clear browser history and cache.
  2. Attempt to reload the the GUI and see if the error has cleared up.


Remnants of old data are stored in the browser history to speed up page load when visiting websites.  When this old data loads for the HCS GUI, if the HCS version has changed, it can cause incorrect values to be used which would prevent the GUI from successfully connecting to the necessary resources.

Additional Notes

This has most commonly been encountered when upgrading to HCS version 8.6.X but has been encountered on other versions as well.