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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Third-party racks

All VSP G series storage systems can be installed into third-party racks.

The following describes the requirements and guidelines for installing the storage system into a third-party rack.

Third-party rack support for VSP Gx00 models

The VSP Gx00 models support third-party racks that meet Hitachi Vantara specifications.

Observe the following mounting guidelines for third-party racks:
  • The VSP Gx00 models support any 4-post, EIA-310-D compliant rack that has adequate airflow and weight capacity.
  • PDUs must be mounted properly, with no serviceability issues. The PDU receptacles must face toward the back (not toward each other). The area behind the storage system and between the vertical 19-inch mounting posts must be free of PDUs and cable loops.

Hitachi Universal V2 Rack rail kits

Use rail kits to mount the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family storage system in a Hitachi Universal V2 Rack.

The following tables list the rail kit information for the specified storage systems.

Table 1: Rail kits for VSP Gx00 models

Rail kit

Hitachi Universal V2 Rack

Third-party rack




DBS, DBL, and DBF drive trays



DB60 dense intermix drive tray

Use the rail kit supplied with the DB60 dense intermix drive tray.

SVP server

Use the rail kit supplied with the SVP server.


  1. UNI: Universal rail kit A34V-600-850-UNI.
  2. CGR: Corner guide rail kit A3BF-HK-GL-740-1.

Hitachi Universal V2 Rack accessories

The following table provides rack accessory information for VSP G series storage systems.

Table 1: Accessories for the Hitachi Universal V2 Rack

Storage system

Front door

Rear door

Side panels

VSP Gx00 models

Optional, must be ordered separately (A3BF-DR).

Included with rack

Not included with rack, must be ordered separately. A quantity of two must be ordered per rack (A3BF-Z-PAN-1200).

Third-party rack support for DB60 dense intermix drive trays

Due to the size and weight of the DB60 dense intermix drive trays used with VSP Gx00 models, pay close special attention when mounted in third-party racks.

When mounting DB60 dense intermix drive trays in third-party racks, observe the following guidelines and see the following figure.

  • Use anti-tilt floor plates or ceiling-mounted fixing brackets to stabilize the rack.
  • Use a rack that is at least 40.94 in. (1040 mm) deep to accommodate the DB60 dense intermix drive tray and cable-management arms.
  • Dense tray rail kits require square mounting holed racks.
  • Use a ladder to service the DB60 dense intermix drive tray if the drive tray is mounted above shelf height RU32.



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