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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Electrical specifications for VSP F800

The electrical specifications are described for the storage system.

Electrical specifications



Drive tray

Frequency (Hz) 50/60 ±1
Number of phases, cabling Single-phase with protective grounding
Steady-state current 100V/200V1, 2

CBLH: 4.0x2

FMD drive tray: 2.6x2/1.3x2

Current rating of breaker/fuse (A) 16.0 (each electrical)
Heat value (normal) (kJ/h)

2810 or less

FMD drive tray: 1520 or less

FMD drive tray: 1520 or less

Steady-state power (VA/W)3

CBLH: 1600/1560 or less

FMD drive tray: 520/490 or less

Power consumption (VA/W)

CBLH: 840/780 or less

FMD drive tray: 440/420 or less


  1. The power current of Nx2 described in this table is required for a single power unit.
  2. If one power unit fails, another power unit requires electric current for the two power units. Therefore, plan the power supply facility so that the current-carrying capacity for one power unit can provide the total capacity for two power units.
  3. This table shows the power requirement (100 V or 200 V) for the maximum configuration . The actual required power might exceed the value shown in the table when the tolerance is included.


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