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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge


In the unlikely event you encounter a problem with the SVP, use this information to identify and resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting the spanning tree protocol

To identify redundant paths, the SVP generates and processes Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) on ports 1, 3, and 4. If the SVP connects to a network switch that has its spanning tree feature enabled, the network switch can block communications between the SVP and the network. An example of a configuration is Cisco switches equipped with the PortFast BPDU guard feature is enabled.

If you connect the SVP to the port of a network switch that has BPDU guard enabled, connect the SVP to a different port on the switch that does not have the BPDU guard feature enabled. If this does not resolve the problem, perform the following procedure to stop the SVP port from issuing BPDU frames.

Note If you perform this procedure while the cable connection between the SVP and network switch is looped, it creates a logical loop of the network connection and the entire network becomes inoperable. Verify the network connection is not looped before performing this procedure.


  1. From the PC connected to the SVP, click Start All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.

  2. Right-click the command prompt and click Run as Administrator.

  3. At the command prompt, type regedit.

  4. Edit the following registry settings:


    Name: DisableSTA

    Value: DWORD(0x1)

  5. Restart the SVP operating system. The SVP port no longer transmits BPDU frames.

SVP emergency logon procedure

The SVP can be connected using the default IP address

If you cannot connect to the SVP by using the default IP address, use the following emergency log on address: http://<default SVP IP address>/dev/storage/<model number><system serial number>/ The following table lists the variables in the URL.

If your storage system model number is ... ... and the storage system serial number is ... ... type the following URL
8320004 456789
8340004 456789
8360004 456789