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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

About the VSP Gx00 and VSP Fx00 hardware

The Hitachi VSP Gx00 models and the all-flash VSP Fx00 models are rack-mountable storage systems that incorporate state-of-the-art virtualization and advanced data-management and fault-tolerant technologies.

Hitachi VSP Gx00 and Fx00 hardware overview

The architecture of the Hitachi VSP Gx00 and Fx00 models accommodates scalability to meet a wide range of capacity and performance requirements. The storage systems can be configured with the desired number and types of front-end module features for attachment to a variety of host processors. All drive and cache upgrades can be performed without interrupting user access to data, allowing you to hot add components as you need them for pay-as-you-grow scalability.

The VSP Gx00 and Fx00 models have dual controllers that provide the interface to a data host. Each controller contains its own processor, dual in-line cache memory modules (DIMMs), cache flash memory (CFM), battery, and fans and is provided with an Ethernet connection for out-of-band management using Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator. If the data path through one controller fails, all drives remain available to hosts using a redundant data path through the other controller. The VSP Gx00 and Fx00 models allow a defective controller to be replaced.

VSP Gx00 models support a variety of drives, including HDDs, SSDs, FMDs, and the second-generation Hitachi Accelerated Flash (HAF) flash module drives (FMD DC2) that are the foundation of the VSP Fx00 models. The FMD DC2 drives deliver improved response times, effective flash capacity, and return on investment. The VSP Gx00 models combine FMD DC2 flash with inline compression and Hitachi Dynamic Tiering active flash for improved responsiveness and efficiency, making it simple to move to all-flash gradually over time. The storage systems allow defective drives to be hot swapped without interrupting data availability. A hot spare drive can be configured to replace a failed drive automatically, securing the fault-tolerant integrity of the logical drive. Self-contained, hardware-based RAID logical drives provide maximum performance in compact external enclosures.

All models are compatible with most industry-standard, 4-post EIA 19-inch racks with square mounting holes. The storage system can be factory-configured and shipped in a Hitachi V2 Universal Rack (600 x 1200 mm) or shipped without a rack for installation into an existing compatible rack. The Hitachi rack comes with either two or four power distribution units (PDUs), depending on the PDU model selected.

Hitachi VSP Fx00 models

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F400, F600, F800 all-flash arrays bring together all-flash storage and the simplicity of built-in automation software with the proven resiliency and performance of Hitachi VSP technology. The VSP Fx00 models offer 1.4 million IOPS to meet the most demanding application requirements. The VSP Fx00 models leverage the FMD DC2 second-generation flash-module drives, which deliver twice the capacity per tray over previous-generation flash module drives, resulting in a smaller data-center footprint and lower maximum-performance cost. Fast inline data compression with an ASIC engine reduces space with no performance penalty.

Easy-to-use replication management is included with the VSP Fx00 models with optional synchronous and asynchronous replication available for complete data protection. The VSP Fx00 models range in storage capacity from 14 TB (raw) up to 1.4 PB effective flash capacity and provide an all-flash solution that works seamlessly with other Hitachi infrastructure products through common management software and rich automation tools.

Unified models with embedded NAS modules

Hitachi VSP G400, G600, G800 and VSP F400, F600, F800 can be configured with NAS modules to deliver native NAS functionality in a unified storage platform that combines the power of VSP storage and SVOS with the advanced capabilities of Hitachi NAS Platform. A single SVOS version provides all block and file features for the unified models, enabling you to leverage the advanced replication and disaster recovery features for protecting your virtual machines (VMs). The unified models offer a single platform that can satisfy block and file requirements for all deployments in solution-centric enterprise environments.

The unified VSP Gx00 and Fx00 models provide a two-node "cluster in a box" that is formed automatically on installation with no external cabling required, eliminating the complexity and additional costs of attached NAS hosts. A full SAN, NAS, and cloud-optimized storage system with embedded NAS modules is only 4U high. This space-optimized design retains the unique field-programmable gate array (FPGA) NAS architecture in a new, compact, and powerful package. Existing storage systems can be upgraded to add the NAS modules with no additional rack space required.

Service processor (SVP)

Hitachi VSP Gx00 and Fx00 models work with a service processor (SVP). The SVP provides out‑of‑band configuration and management of the storage system and collects performance data for key components to enable diagnostic testing and analysis.

The SVP is available as a physical device provided by Hitachi Vantara or as a software application:

  • The physical SVP is a 1U management server that runs Windows Embedded Standard 7.
  • The SVP software application is installed on a customer-supplied server and runs on a customer-supplied version of Windows. For details about hardware and OS support, see the Service Processor Technical Reference for VSP Gx00 and VSP Fx00 Models.

Hitachi VSP Gx00 specifications

The following table provides the key specifications for the VSP Gx00 models.

Feature VSP G200 VSP G400 VSP G600 VSP G800

Maximum internal capacity (raw)

2,472 TB

4,800 TB

7,200 TB

14,400 TB

Maximum external capacity (raw)

8 PB

16 PB

64 PB

Solid-state drive options (raw, SFF)

200 GB, 400 GB, 480 GB, 960 GB, 1.92 TB, 3.8 TB

200 GB, 400 GB, 960 GB, 1.92 TB, 3.8 TB

Flash module drive options

1.7 TB, 3.5 TB, 7 TB, 14 TB

SFF hard disk drive options

15K RPM: 300 GB, 600 GB

10K RPM: 600 GB, 900 GB, 1.2 TB, 1.8 TB

LFF hard disk drive options

10K RPM: 1.2 TB, 1.8 TB

7.2K RPM: 4 TB, 6 TB, 10 TB

Maximum number of drives





Disk expansion trays

2U: 24 SFF (2.5"); 12 LFF (3.5"); 12 FMD

4U: 60 LFF (3.5") and SFF (2.5")

Block module height



Host interfaces (without drives)

16 FC: 8, 16, and 32 Gbps

8 iSCSI: 10 Gbps

8 iSCSI: 10GBase-T

64 FC: 8, 16, and 32 Gbps

32 iSCSI: 10 Gbps

32 iSCSI: 10GBase-T

80 FC: 8, 16, and 32 Gbps

40 iSCSI: 10 Gbps

40 iSCSI: 10GBase-T

Maximum cache

64 GB

128 GB

256 GB

512 GB

Maximum LU size

Maximum number of LUs

256 TB


256 TB


256 TB


RAID levels

RAID-1+0, RAID-5, RAID-6

Internal NAS module options


Each VSP G400, VSP G600, and VSP G800 can be ordered with two internal NAS modules. When fully configured with two internal NAS modules, each is 4U in height.

Each NAS module has 6 x 10-GbE ports for a total of 12 x 10-GbE ports per VSP G400, VSP G600, or VSP G800.

File module height

3U per node (Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 series)

Nodes per cluster, cache per node

1-2 nodes, 48 GB per node

1-4 nodes, 48 GB per node

File system size

Maximum file systems

1 PB pool, single namespace up to maximum capacity

Up to 128 file systems

Maximum snapshots

1,024 per file system


NFS, SMB, FTP, iSCSI, and HTTP to the cloud

Fibre Channel ports

Ethernet ports

4 x 8-Gbps ports per node

4 x 10-GbE, 6 x 16-GbE ports per node

Hitachi VSP Fx00 specifications

The following table provides the key specifications for the VSP Fx00 models.

Feature VSP F400 VSP F600 VSP F800

Maximum internal capacity (raw)

2,702 TB

4,053 TB

8,106 TB

Maximum external capacity (raw)

16 PB

64 PB


Up to 600,000 IOPS

<1 ms latency

11 GB/sec bandwidth

Up to 800,000 IOPS

<1 ms latency

12 GB/sec bandwidth

Up to 1,400,000 IOPS

<1 ms latency

24 GB/sec bandwidth


128 GB 256 GB 512 GB


32 FC: 8, 16, and 32 Gbps

16 iSCSI: 10 GB/sec

16 iSCSI: 10GBase-T

48 FC: 8, 16, and 32 Gbps

24 iSCSI: 10 GB/sec

24 iSCSI: 10GBase-T


Base model with 8 flash modules

Each is available with dual internal NAS modules

Capacity range

Available with 1.75-TB, 3.5-TB, 7-TB, and 14-TB modules

From 14 TB to 3 PB raw capacity, up to 15 PB effective flash capacity

From 14 TB to 4 PB raw capacity, up to 20 PB effective flash capacity

From 14 TB to 8 PB raw capacity, up to 40 PB effective flash capacity

Expansion paths

Add 4 or 8 flash modules at a time up to model limit

Maximum flash modules




Average data reduction ratio


Internal NAS module options

Each VSP F400, VSP F600, and VSP F800 can be ordered with two internal NAS modules. When fully configured with two internal NAS modules, each is 4U in height.

Each NAS module has 6 x 10-GbE ports for a total of 12 x 10-GbE ports per VSP F400, VSP F600, or VSP F800.

High availability

Active-active N+1 architecture

100% data availability warranty

Active mirroring option for 100% data accessibility


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