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Introducing Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000, G1500, and F1500

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 and G1500 (VSP G1000 and G1500) and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F1500 (VSP F1500) unified storage systems provide high performance, high availability, and reliability for always-on, enterprise-class data centers. VSP G1000 and G1500 and VSP F1500 deliver guaranteed data availability and feature the industry's most comprehensive suite of local and remote data protection capabilities, including true active-active metro-clustering. The storage systems scale to meet the demands of IT organizations’ ever-increasing workloads. When combined with server virtualization, the mission-critical storage virtualization supports a new breed of applications at cloud scale while reducing complexity.

  • High-speed VSDsVSP G1500 and VSP F1500 are equipped with new virtual storage directors (VSDs) that use the latest generation of Intel Xenon 2.3-GHz 8-core microprocessor to efficiently manage the front-end and back-end directors, PCI-Express interface, shared memory, and service processor.
  • All-flash VSP F1500The VSP F1500 all-flash array is configured exclusively with the latest generation of flash module drives (FMDs) to provide performance optimized for intense I/O operations. Designed for flash-first, high-performance workloads and leveraging Hitachi's SVOS-based deduplication and compression, VSP F1500 offers up to five times greater ROI with unified support for SAN, NAS, and mainframe workloads.
    • Accelerated flash architecture delivers consistent, low-latency IOPS at scale.
    • Adaptive flash management distributes writes and rebalances load over time.
    • Hitachi FMDs deliver enterprise performance with superior functionality and greater cost value.
Key features

Offering the ultimate in enterprise storage technology, VSP G1000 and G1500 and VSP F1500 provide the foundation for a software-defined infrastructure that delivers superior storage performance, improved resource utilization, automated, simplified management, and high availability.

  • Global storage virtualization enables an always-on infrastructure with enterprise-wide scalability that provides a complete separation between host and storage. The scalability is independent of connectivity, location, storage system, and vendor. Remote data center replication support allows provisioning and management of virtual storage machines up to 100 meters apart.
  • Integrated active mirroring enables volume extensibility between systems and across sites through the provisioning and management of active-active volumes up to 100 km apart. Combined with remote data center replication, this mirroring is an ideal solution for critical applications that require zero recovery point and recovery time objectives. Active mirroring is enabled by the global-active device feature.
  • Capacity saving functions, including data deduplication and data compression, enable you to reduce the bitcost for stored data by deduplicating and compressing the data stored on internal flash drives. Data deduplication and compression are performed by the controllers of the storage system.
  • Accelerated compression enables you to reduce your bitcost for the stored data by utilizing the compression function in the flash module compression (FMC) drives. Accelerated compression allows you to assign FMC capacity to a pool that is larger than the physical capacity of the FMC parity groups. The data access performance of the storage system is maintained when the accelerated compression function is used, as the compression engine is offloaded to the FMC drives.
  • Unified storage with enterprise scalability allows you to centrally manage multi-vendor storage resources across all virtualized internal and external storage pools, whether deployed for SAN, NAS, or object storage.
  • Centralized storage management software, including Hitachi Storage Advisor and Hitachi Command Suite, simplifies administrative operations and streamlines basic management tasks.
  • Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage offers a patented data center-class design and rack-optimized form factor that delivers more than 600 TB per system. It supports a sustained performance of 100,000 8K I/O operations per second per device, with fast and consistent response time.
  • Server virtualization integration with leading virtual server platforms provides end-to-end visibility, from an individual virtual machine to the storage logical unit, protecting large-scale multivendor environments.
  • Customer-driven nondisruptive migration capability enables movement, copy, and migration of data between storage systems, including non-Hitachi storage systems, without interrupting application access and local and remote copy relationships.
Storage Virtualization Operating System

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) abstracts information from storage systems, virtualizes and pools available storage resources, and automates key data management functions such as configuration, mobility, optimization, and protection. This unified virtual environment enables you to maximize the utilization and capabilities of your storage resources while at the same time reducing operations overhead and risk. Standards-compatible for easy integration into IT environments, storage virtualization and management capabilities provide the utmost agility and control, helping you build infrastructures that are continuously available, automated, and agile.

SVOS provides the foundation for superior storage performance, high availability, and IT efficiency. The enterprise-grade capabilities in SVOS include centralized management across storage systems and advanced storage features, such as active-active data centers and online migration between storage systems without user or workload disruption. Features of SVOS include:

  • External storage virtualization
  • Thin provisioning and automated tiering
  • Flash performance acceleration
  • Deduplication and compression of data stored on internal flash drives
  • Storage service-level controls
  • Data-at-rest encryption
  • Performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms
  • Centralized storage management
    • Simplified: Hitachi Storage Advisor
    • Advanced and powerful: Hitachi Command Suite, Command Control Interface
Operating system support

The storage systems support IBM® mainframe operating systems as well as open-system operating systems, including VMware®, Windows®, Solaris®, AIX®, Linux®, HP-UX, XenServer®, and OpenVMS. For details about operating system support, see

Host connectivity

The storage systems support connectivity to mainframe hosts via FICON front-end directors and to open servers via Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) front-end directors. The storage systems can be configured with a combination of all of these front-end directors to support both mainframe hosts and open servers simultaneously.

Mainframe compatibility and functionality

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 and G1500 and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F1500 provide full System-Managed Storage (SMS) compatibility and support the following functionalities in the mainframe environment:

  • Sequential data striping
  • Cache fast write (CFW) and DASD fast write (DFW)
  • Enhanced dynamic cache management
  • Extended count key data (ECKD) commands
  • Multiple Allegiance
  • Concurrent Copy (CC)
  • Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC)
  • Extended Remote Copy (XRC)
  • FlashCopy®
  • Parallel Access Volume (PAV)
  • Hyper Parallel Access Volume (HPAV)
  • Priority I/O queuing
  • Red Hat Linux for IBM® S/390® and zSeries®
  • SUSE Linux for IBM® S/390® and zSeries®
  • zHyperWrite for DB2®
  • zHPF Extended Distance II (80-05-0x or later)
  • FICON® Dynamic Routing
  • FICON® Forward Error Correction (80-05-0x or later)
Application solutions

Hitachi's portfolio of application solutions for VSP G1000, G1500, and VSP F1500 provides advanced automation, virtualization, scalability and data protection, enabling you to reach the highest application service levels with solutions made for resilience and speed.

  • Microsoft®Hitachi solutions for Microsoft® environments enable you to optimize Microsoft® Exchange and SharePoint growth, boost performance and utilization, decrease costs, and improve management and availability.
    • Microsoft Virtual ShadowCopy Service (VSS) for enhanced data protection
    • Microsoft Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)
    • Hitachi Infrastructure Adapter for Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager
    • Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft Storage Management Provider
    • Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator
  • OracleHitachi solutions for Oracle environments enhance consolidation, performance, and efficiency.
    • Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool (DIET) analyzes your Oracle database environment and provides best practices and expert recommendations for improvement.
    • Hitachi Storage Adapters for Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle VM, Oracle Web Center, Oracle Automated Storage Reclamation Utility, and Oracle Database Cloning help you manage your database with less effort and better results.
    • Hitachi Storage Adapter for Oracle Recovery Manager integrates multiple protection services to maximize database availability.
    • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering offers finely tuned performance for Oracle, automatically keeping the most crucial data on the fastest storage.
    • Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning gives your Oracle applications the right amount and right type of storage to maximize performance and efficiency.
  • VMware® support Supports the Virtual Volume (VVol) functions provided in VMware vSphere® 6.0 for enhanced compatibility in the VMware® environment.
    • Storage Manager for VMware vCenter
    • vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI)
    • Unified Storage Provider for VMware (VASA)
    • vStorage API for Multipathing (VAMP)
    • vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP)
    • Hitachi Storage Replication Adapter (SRA)