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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Introducing Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series (VSP 5000 series) represents the industry’s highest performing and most scalable storage solution. Built on 57 years of Hitachi engineering experience and innovation in the IT sector, VSP 5000 series offers superior performance, resiliency, and agility, featuring response times as low as 70 microseconds, and all backed up with the industry’s first and most comprehensive 100% data availability guarantee.

Key features


VSP 5000 series reliably delivers more data faster than ever for open-systems and mainframe applications. These enterprise-level storage systems are available in configurations from 3.8 TB to 69 PB of raw capacity, with scalability to handle up to 21 million IOPS. Hitachi Remote Ops monitoring system and Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer software enable industry-leading uptime. To ensure that operations are always up and running, VSP 5000 series models can optionally be backed by a 100% data availability guarantee.

VSP 5000 series provides high performance, high availability, and reliability for always-on, enterprise-class data centers and features the industry's most comprehensive suite of local and remote data protection capabilities, including true active-active metro-clustering. When combined with server virtualization, storage virtualization supports applications at cloud scale while reducing complexity.

Key features
  • Agility and scalability

    There are four VSP 5000 series models: VSP 5100, VSP 5500, VSP 5100H, and VSP 5500H. The VSP 5100 all-flash array (AFA) is a scale-up enterprise storage platform with one pair of controller nodes supporting open and mainframe workloads. The VSP 5500 AFA starts with a single node pair and scales out to three node pairs to provide up to 69 PB of raw capacity and 21 million IOPS of performance. Both models are also available as hybrid arrays, VSP 5100H and VSP 5500H, that support a mixed environment of NVMe solid-state devices (SSDs) (VSP 5500 models only), serial-attached SCSI (SAS) SSDs, Hitachi flash module drives (FMDs), and SAS hard disk drives (HDDs).

  • All-flash performance accelerated by NVMe technology

    NVMe drives provide high throughput and low latency to achieve high response performance, enabling large volumes of data to be processed rapidly with response times as low as 70 microseconds.

  • Capacity efficiency

    VSP 5000 series supports advanced adaptive data reduction (ADR) technologies with total efficiency rates of up to 7:1 to improve storage utilization and reduce storage footprint. Compression and also deduplication, if desired, can be enabled for all internal and external storage media at the volume level for enhanced tunability.

  • Reliability and resiliency

    Leveraging hot-swappable components, nondisruptive maintenance and upgrades, and outstanding data protection, VSP 5000 series offers complete system redundancy and is backed by a 100% data availability guarantee. VSP 5000 series's active-active controller architecture protects against local faults and performance issues, and hardware redundancy eliminates all active single points of failure, no matter how unlikely, to provide the highest level of reliability and data availability.

  • Artificial-intelligence based solutions

    All VSP 5000 series models are packaged with Hitachi Ops Center Analytics, which analyzes telemetry to optimize application performance and prevent extended outages. Manual administrative tasks are streamlined and implemented with fewer errors, facilitating the addition of new applications and the expansion of existing applications. In addition, Hitachi Ops Center Analytics works with Hitachi Ops Center Automator to maintain best practices and quality of service (QoS).

  • Simple, easy-to-use management

    VSP 5000 series can be set up quickly and managed with ease using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator. Hitachi Ops Center Administrator reduces the complexity of steps needed to deploy, monitor, and reconfigure storage resources. In addition, REST APIs allow integration with existing toolsets and automation templates to further consolidate management tasks.

  • Protection from unauthorized access

    All VSP 5000 series models are hardened to prevent any leaks of physical data and unauthorized system access, enabling you to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, meet stringent data privacy requirements, and adhere to strict regulatory compliance policies. Additional measures are available to ensure quick recovery from ransomware attacks.

Specifications at a glance


The following table lists general specifications for VSP 5000 series.

Feature VSP 5100 VSP 5100H VSP 5500 VSP 5500H
Performance Up to 4,200,000 IOPS Up to 21,000,000 IOPS
Maximum number of drives 96 NVMe

192 FMD


96 NVMe

192 FMD



288 NVMe

576 FMD

2,304 SFF SSD

288 NVMe

576 FMD


1,152 LFF HDD

Maximum (internal) raw capacity 23 PB 23 PB 69 PB 69 PB
Maximum cache capacity 1 TiB 1 TiB 6 TiB 6 TiB
Host interfaces (ports on front-end modules) 32 x FC (16 or 32 Gbps)

32 x FICON® (16 Gbps)

16 x iSCSI (10 Gbps)

192 x FC (16 Gbps, 32 Gbps)

192 x FICON® (16 Gbps)

96 x iSCSI (10 Gbps)

RAID levels RAID-1+0 (2D+2D, 4D+4D)

RAID-6 (6D+2P, 14D+2P)

RAID-5 (3D+1P, 7D+1P)

Application solutions


Hitachi's portfolio of storage solutions for converged, cloud, storage, server, database, and other applications enables you to solve your application infrastructure challenges and achieve the highest application service levels.

VMware® support

VSP 5000 series all-flash arrays are designed to complement vSphere virtualization to deliver the full benefits of software-defined data center infrastructure. Deep integration with VMware enables you to optimize performance, utilization, virtual machine (VM) provisioning, management, and data protection.

  • Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter (VASA)

    Use Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter to enable storage-aware tagging services for VMFS and to enable VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) for a software-defined, hardware-enabled Hitachi Storage infrastructure. Hitachi Storage Provider enables efficient provisioning and usage of storage and VMDK resources based on application-specific data services, such as snapshot, encryption, and replication.

  • Hitachi Infrastructure Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations (vROPS)

    Hitachi Infrastructure Management Pack for VMware vROPS integrates metrics and alerts from physical and virtual layers to help you manage the capacity and performance of Hitachi storage and converged infrastructure deployments in VMware environments. By providing dashboards, metrics, and correlated alerts, Hitachi vROPS significantly enables efficient resource utilization and proactive troubleshooting to reduce operational costs.

  • Hitachi Storage Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)

    Hitachi Storage Connector for VMware vRO enables you to automate and orchestrate workflow tasks on VSP 5000 series and other Hitachi storage, extending the capabilities of VMware vRO by providing access to over 130 foundational Hitachi storage-specific workflows.

  • Hitachi Infrastructure Content Pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight (vRLI)

    Hitachi Infrastructure Content Pack for VMware vRLI delivers real-time log analysis and advanced troubleshooting across physical and virtual infrastructures. It simplifies searching for errors by collecting and grouping information to show important, relevant, and useful events, and it provides a comprehensive view into Hitachi storage systems, enabling you to identify potential issues and keeping track of components that show departure from normal operations.

  • Hitachi Storage Plug-in for VMware vCenter

    Using Hitachi Storage Plug-in for VMware vCenter integrates management of VSP 5000 series and other Hitachi storage systems within the VMware vCenter console, enabling your VMware vCenter administrator to provision and manage datastores with essential configuration options from Hitachi storage systems.

  • Hitachi Storage Replication Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRA)

    VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) automates the disaster recovery and testing process using either host or storage-based replication. Hitachi Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) is the software interface that integrates VSP 5000 series and other Hitachi storage systems and its replication software with VMware vCenter SRM processes. Used together, VMware vCenter SRM and Hitachi storage and software provide an automated and seamless disaster recovery solution within the VMware vCenter infrastructure.

  • Hitachi Data Instance Director Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager (HDID SRA)

    The Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) software provides a higher level of automation for configuration of local and remote replication relationships between primary and secondary systems. The HDID SRA is compatible with HDID replication-managed environments that manage all the pausing, swapping, and resuming of the associated replication pairs that vCenter SRM may require. The HDID SRA is deployed independently from the SRA for VMware SRM.

  • Hitachi Data Instance Director Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)

    This connector enables admins to include HDID storage hardware-offload based services such as VM-level backup, restore, and copy data management functionality in their vRO Workflows. Currently supported workflows include backup and restore of VMs, clone VMs from prior snapshots, and mount VMDKs from snapshots to any VM. These vRO operations can be performed from the vCenter UI via the packaged XML imported into vCenter.

  • VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration

    VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) allow VMware vSphere environments to use advanced features and capabilities of VSP 5000 series and other Hitachi VSP storage systems from within the VMware interface. Processing is performed directly on the storage infrastructure to move the I/O load from the VMware vCenter host platform onto the storage controller. Offloading storage-related operations to the storage system speeds up the datastore and VMDK provisioning operations and frees virtualization management for more critical tasks.

Microsoft Windows® support

Server virtualization integration with leading virtual server platforms gives you end-to-end visibility from an individual virtual machine to the storage logical unit and protects large-scale multivendor environments. Support for Microsoft Windows® (including Microsoft Hyper-V) and Microsoft System Center includes:

  • Microsoft Virtual ShadowCopy Service (VSS)
  • Microsoft Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)
  • Hitachi Infrastructure Adapter for Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager
  • Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft Storage Management Provider
  • Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft Systems Center Orchestrator
Oracle® support

Hitachi Vantara has developed and supported IT solutions for many of the world’s largest companies with the most demanding Oracle® database environments, solutions that maximize business value, enhance progress toward greater business outcomes, and ensure performance from Oracle® systems.

  • Hitachi storage and server adapters for Oracle® databases provide integrated tools for converged infrastructure management and data protection. Hitachi Storage Adapters for Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle VM, Oracle Web Center, Oracle Automated Storage Reclamation Utility, and Oracle Database Cloning help you manage your database with less effort and better results. Hitachi Storage Adapter for Oracle Recovery Manager integrates multiple protection services to maximize database availability.
  • Hitachi drivers for Oracle® environments enhance consolidation, performance, and efficiency.
  • The Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool (DIET), available to Oracle® database administrators at no cost, analyzes your entire Oracle® database environment, and provides best practices and expert recommendations on areas for improvement to ensure your storage, compute, and converged infrastructure operates at peak utilization.
  • Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning gives your Oracle® applications the right amount and right type of storage to maximize performance and efficiency.
  • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering offers finely tuned performance for Oracle®, automatically keeping the most crucial data on the fastest storage.