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Universal V3 Rack overview and specifications


The Hitachi Universal V3 Rack is designed to hold mounted Hitachi storage systems, servers, and peripheral devices in a way that optimizes space, improves efficiency, and enhances ergonomics.

Hitachi Universal V3 Rack


The Hitachi Universal V3 Rack ships with the following components, tools, and accessories.

NoteRail kits, PDUs, and power cords must be ordered separately.
Shipping list for the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack
Item Description


  • Height: 42U
  • 1 set grounding cables (earthing cable)


  • 4 adjustable base legs (leveling feet)
  • 1 heavy duty castors, front
  • 1 heavy duty castors, back


  • 2 brush cut-outs, left and right
  • 1 Hitachi Vantara label with product information
  • 1 Hitachi Vantara logo plate


  • 1 door, 80% ventilated - 600 mm x 42U (width x height)
  • 2 hinges, right side
  • 1 Hitachi Vantara logo plate
  • 1 swivel handle
  • 1 cylinder, EK-333
  • 1 laptop shelf
  • 1 door stayer
  • 1 vertical mounting rail, 130 mm from front
  • 1 vertical mounting rail, 740 mm from front
  • 2 PDU mounting brackets, left and right
  • 2 airflow plates, top and bottom
  • 2 side plates, left and right
  • 2 cable management trays, left and right

Accessories (separate box)

  • 2 Ground Fixation brackets
  • 10 screws ST4
  • 8 screws M5
  • 1 T25 bit
  • 1 T25 L-wrench
  • 40 velcro straps
  • 100 fasteners tie wraps (black)
  • 100 cage nuts M5
  • 100 screws M5 (black)
  • 6 baying kits (Universal V3 Rack to Universal V3 Rack)
  • 6 baying kits (Universal V3 Rack to Universal V2B Rack)

As shown in the following figures, the Universal V3 Rack can be configured with the standard door or with the High-End Solution (HES) door. The HES door provides additional air filtration over the standard door.

Universal V3 Rack with standard door
Universal V3 Rack with HES door

Rack specifications


The following table lists and describes the physical specifications of the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack.

Physical specifications
Specification Description
Width 600 mm (23.62 in.)
Depth 1174.25 mm (46.23 in.)
Height 2030.3 mm (79.93 in.)
Weight 106.38 kg (234.53 lbs)
Mounting height for racked equipment 42U

Rack product codes


The following table lists the hardware components of the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack and provides the product code for each component.

Description Product code
Rack frame B1119-061242-000002
Standard Door A002N-060042-900-1
High-End Solution Door (HES Door) A002P-060042-900-1
Non-Branded Side Panel A002T-001242-900-1
Hitachi Logo Branded Side Panel (left) A002V-001242-900-1
Hitachi Logo Branded Side Panel (right) A002W-001242-900-1
Cable Management Brackets (qty. 10) A002K-000001-000-1
Front panel 1U 19'' Airtight A5P6-1HE-NOLO-2-S
Front panel 1U A2EE-1HE-S
Front panel 3U A3BF-FPL-3HE-S
Front panel 1U perforated 58% A2EE-1HE-58PERFO-S
Corner Guide Rail Kit A3BF-HK-GL-740-1-S
2U Universal Rail Kit A34V-600-850-UNI-S 2U

Installing anti-tilt bracket for Universal V3 Rack


The anti-tilt bracket for the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack must be anchored to a rigid floor capable of holding a minimum of 154 lbs (79 kg).

Before you begin

To install the anti-tilt bracket, you will need the following tools and components:

  • T25 screwdriver
  • Customer supplied M10 or 3/8" screw capable of holding a minumum 154 lbs (79 kg)


  1. Adjust the four retractable feet so the rack is level with the ground.

  2. Attach two anti-tilt brackets to the feet on the back of the rack.

  3. Using a minimum size of a M10 or 3/8" screw, fasten the bracket to the floor.