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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Universal V2B Rack overview and specifications

The following information provides an overview of the Hitachi Universal V2B Rack and its physical specifications.


The Hitachi Universal V2B Rack is designed to hold mounted Hitachi storage systems, servers, and peripheral devices in a way that optimizes space, improves efficiency, and enhances ergonomics.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family storage systems and servers can also be installed in Hitachi-approved third-party racks. For more information about third-party rack specifications, contact your sales representative.

Rack front covers

The Hitachi Universal V2B Rack is offered with three different front covers.

Figure 1: Fill panels, A5P6-1HE-NOLO-2-S.P front panel 1U 19-inch air-tight black 2015
Figure 2: Standard front door no filter, (A3BF-DR-S.P door 19-inch Hitachi Vantara MIN rack) - A3BF-DR/A3BF-DR-750 - door (600 mm x 750 mm)
Figure 3: High-end front door with filter and cosmetic look, A3BF-DR-R800-S.P front door (R800) - 600 mm Width - A3BF-DR/-R800 - R800 front door (600 mm)
, GUID-76A36B1C-1FE0-4C42-B9C2-DBC0F491F83B-low.png

Rack specifications

The Hitachi Universal V2B Rack has basic and detailed specifications for mounting Hitachi systems.

Table 1: Universal V2B Rack specifications
Specification Description
Width 23 62 in. (600 mm)

Installing the optional cover set extends the rack width to 23.74 in. (603 mm).

Depth 47.24 in. (1200 mm)
Height 79.05 in. (2008 mm)
Weight (including accessory kit and excluding brake handle) 234.53 lbs (106.38 kg)
Weight of break handle 2.00 lbs (0.91 kg)
Mounting height for racked equipment 42U


  • Height: 42U
  • Finished black (RAL 9011) with Hitachi logo and label
  • 1 set grounding cables (earthing cable)
  • 36 1U filler panels
  • 1 cover set, front (left, right, and bottom)


  • 4 adjustable base legs (leveling feet)
  • 2 wheels, front
  • 2 casters, back


2 brush cut-outs, left and right


  • 1 door, 65% ventilated - 600 mm x 42U (width x height)
  • 3 hinges, right side
  • 1 swivel handle
  • 1 lock for swivel handle, EK-1333 (keys in zip bag)
  • 1 laptop shelf
  • 1 door stopper

Accessories (separate box)

  • 1 anti-tilt cabinet stabilizer - 600 mm (width)
  • 1 universal wrench for leveling feet
  • 40 velcro straps
  • 100 T-wraps - 360 mm x 4.8 mm (black)
  • 100 cage nuts M5
  • 100 screws M5 (black)
  • 8 screws M5 x 8 (spare parts)
  • 8 screws M6 x 12 (spare parts)
  • 1 nylon strap
  • 8 mounting brackets for PDUs (includes mounting material)
  • 2 plinths, front and rear - 600 mm (width)
  • 1 baying kit (4 pieces, includes mounting material)
Miscellaneous Black locking back door

Rail kits, PDUs, and power cords must be ordered separately.

Rack product codes

Table 1: Universal V2B Rack product codes
Description Product code
Rack frame A3BF-600-1200-V2B.P
Rack front A3BF-DR-S.P
Rack side panel, 120 mm depth, quantity 1 Three side panels are available:


Left side panel with Hitachi logo: A3BF-Z-PAN-BR-L-S-1

Right side panel with Hitachi logo branded: A3BF-Z-PAN-BR-R-S-1

Rack front door A3BF-DR-S.P
Rack plate set A5R0-A3BF-RACK-STAB-GRND-FXD.P


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