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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Replacing the Hitachi Vantara-supplied SVP

Use the following information to detect SVP failures and replace the physical SVP if necessary.

ImportantThe Hitachi Vantara-supplied SVP can only be installed, upgraded, or replaced by a Hitachi Vantara representative or an authorized service provider. Contact a Hitachi Vantara representative for more information about installing, upgrading, or replacing a Hitachi Vantara-supplied SVP.

Detecting SVP failures

SVP failures are detected and resolved using the following methods.

Failure detection method How a failure is detected Action to be taken

Hitachi Remote Ops

No report from the agent during a 24-hour health check

Remote Ops detects SVP failure -> SVP replacement. Contact a Hitachi Vantara representative or authorized service provider.

Hitachi Command Suite

RMI connection error (not alert)

See the Hitachi Command Suite Administrator Guide (MK-90HC175).

Hitachi Ops Center Administrator Hardware alerts appear in Alert tiles, along with drill-down views for detailed information.

See Hitachi Storage Advisor User Guide (MK-94HSA004).