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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Changing the storage IP address

There might be times when you need to change the storage system's IP address. For convenience, there are two ways to change the IP address: using the maintenance utility on the SVP and using the Storage Device List.

Using the SVP to set the storage system IP address

You can use the maintenance utility on the SVP to configure an IP address for the storage system.

CautionDo not connect network servers such as the proxy between the client PC, SVP, and the storage system.

Before you begin

Verify the storage system, SVP, and client PC are attached to the SVP and all are on the same subnet.

  • Default IP address for controller 1 user LAN port:
  • Default IP address for controller 2 user LAN port:
  • Subnet mask:


  1. Start the SVP, and then log on to it.

  2. Configure the SVP to use a temporary port of, where xxx is a number from 1 to 254, excluding 16 and 17.

  3. Launch a web browser.

  4. In the address bar, enter the IP address of controller 1.

    The Maintenance Utility logon window opens.
    NoteLog on to the maintenance utility using a user account that has administrative privileges.
  5. The first time you log on to the maintenance utility, enter a password for the user account:

    1. On the Maintenance menu, click System Management Change Password.

    2. Enter a password.

    3. Click Finish.

  6. Set the user IP address.

    1. On the Maintenance Utility menu, click Network Settings.

    2. In the Network Settings window, click Set Up Network Settings.

    3. Set the IP address for controller 1 and controller 2.

    4. Click Apply and click Log Out to close the maintenance utility.

  7. Change the storage system IP address in the Storage Device List window.

  8. Set the SVP IP address.

  9. Change the SVP IP address in the Storage Device List.

  10. If you assigned a temporary IP address to the client PC, change it to meet the subnet of your network environment.

    NoteIf you encounter a problem, troubleshoot the spanning tree protocol.

Changing storage system information in the Storage Device List

  1. In the Storage Device List window, click the Edit button for the storage system you want to edit.GUID-F1425CE4-107B-4625-BC95-0536631C0AF7-low.png

    The Edit System window opens.GUID-473D4AAF-D73B-4B22-91EA-0ABDFB60B194-low.png
  2. Enter the items to be changed, and then click Apply.

    Note To change Software, do not select Manual of System Selection to set it. Clear Start service automatically, when the SVP is rebooted check box when:
    • Storage systems running S/W Version 83-01-xx or later are registered.
    • Multiple storage systems are registered.