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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Removing and replacing the front bezel

To access some server components or field replaceable units (FRUs), you must first remove the front bezel. Replace the bezel after the part replacement is complete.

Bezel removal

The server bezel is held onto the server chassis through a friction fit onto four retention posts, which are mounted to the chassis along the left and right edges of the chassis. There are no screws or other fasteners.


  1. To remove the bezel, grasp the front of the bezel by the grasping areas.

  2. Gently pull the bezel straight out away from the server.

Bezel replacement

  1. Place the bezel on the server, making sure that the bezel fits inside the outer edges of the chassis and that the retention posts and status LEDs are aligned.

  2. Using the solid portions of bezel (near the edges), press the bezel straight into the server until it is firmly in place against the server chassis.