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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Field-replaceable units

Some components are field-replaceable units (FRUs).

ImportantThe FRUs can only be replaced by certified engineers. These components are not customer replaceable units (CRUs).

FRUs include the following components:

  • Hitachi NAS Platform or Hitachi Unified Storage File Module servers
  • Bezels
  • Hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • Power supply unit (PSUs)
  • NVRAM battery backup packs
  • Fan assemblies

NoteMain Motherboards (MMBs) and Main FPGA Boards (MFBs) are pre-installed boards that perform functions essential to the integrity of the server. If there is an issue with the MMB, or the MFB (typically), you must return the server for repair. MMBs are not FRUs, and, typically, MFBs are also not FRUs. However, an MFB may be replaced under certain specific circumstances. Contact Hitachi Vantara Support Connect to determine whether your MFB can be replaced as a FRU.

Some components are also hot-swappable. See Hot-swappable components for details.


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