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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Configuring iSCSI

In order to configure iSCSI on the server, the following information must be specified:

  • iSNS servers
  • iSCSI LUs
  • iSCSI targets (including iSCSI domain)
  • iSCSI initiators (if using mutual authentication)

Configuring iSNS

The Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) is a network database of iSCSI initiators and targets. If configured, the server can add its list of targets to iSNS, which allows Initiators to easily find them on the network.

The iSNS server list can be managed through the iSNS Servers NAS Manager page. The server registers its iSCSI targets with iSNS database when any of the following events occurs:

  • A first iSNS server is added.
  • An iSCSI target is added or deleted.
  • The iSCSI service is started.
  • The iSCSI domain is changed.
  • A server IP address is added or removed.

Viewing iSNS servers

You can view the list of configured iSNS servers in the NAS Manager.

  1. Navigate to Home File Services iSNS Servers to display the iSNS Servers page.


    The following table describes the fields on this page:

    Field/Item Description
    EVS Selector for EVS and File System. To switch to a different EVS/File System, click change.
    change Click change to switch to a different EVS/Server.
    IP Address Lists the IP Address of the iSNS server.
    Port The port number the NAS server uses to communicate with the iSNS server.
    Check All Selects all iSNS servers.
    Clear All Deselects all iSNS servers.
    add Click this button to add an iSNS server to the list.
    delete Saves configuration changes, and closes the page.
    iSCSI Targets Opens the iSCSI Targets window.


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