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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

FTP protocol support

The NAS server implements the file-serving functions of an FTP server. The server provides the file-serving functions required for:

  • File manipulation
  • Directory manipulation
  • File access control (for example, permissions)

It is also possible for multiple clients to copy or read a file while it is being streamed over FTP to the server, using any protocol (FTP, SMB, or NFS). However, the file cannot be written/modified or locked. If a client copies a file while it is being written, the server only provides the data written up to that point.

Prior to allowing FTP access to the system, the FTP service must be enabled. No license key is required for this protocol.

FTP statistics for the storage server (in 10-second time slices) are available for activity since the previous reboot or since the point when statistics were last reset.

NoteThe NAS server also supports FXP (inter-server data transfer).
NoteAlthough the NAS server supports both NTLM1 and NTLM2, it only supports the use of FTP with NTLM1. NTLM2 in FTP is not supported.


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