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Using Windows server management

The Computer Management MMC tool, available for Windows 2000 or later, can perform share management tasks from any remote computer; for example:

  • Viewing a list of all users currently connected to the system.
  • Creating shares.
  • Listing all shares on the system and the users connected to them.
  • Disconnecting one or all of the users connected to the system or to a specific share.
  • Closing one or all of the shared resources that are currently open.
  • Viewing an event log.
NoteFor older versions of Windows, the equivalent of this tool is provided by Server Manager.

Using the computer management tool

NoteThe appearance of the screens depends on the operating system version.

To use the Computer Management tool:


  1. In the Windows interface, from Administrative Services, select Computer Management; then right-click on Computer Management (Local) to display a context menu, and select Connect to another computer:

  2. Optionally, select the domain from the drop-down Look in field, then highlight a name or an IP address to use for file services on the server, and click OK.

    Do not specify a server administration name or IP address for this purpose.
  3. Click Event Viewer to display the server’s event log:

  4. On the event log window:

    1. Click Shares to list all of the shares. Some or all of the users can be disconnected from specific shares.

    2. Click Sessions to list all users currently connected to the system. Some or all of the users can be disconnected.

    3. Click Open Files to list all the open shared resources. Some or all of the shared resources can be closed.


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