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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Viewing file system security

Security modes can be configured per-EVS, per-file system, or per-Virtual Volume. You can view the EVSs, the file systems and the configured security modes in the NAS Manager.

  1. Navigate to Home File Services File System Security to display the File System Security page.


    The following table describes the fields on this page:

    Field/Item Description
    EVS Security Context Displays the currently selected EVS security context.
    change Selects a different EVS security context. You can select either Global Configuration which applies to all EVSs, or select a specific EVS.
    EVS Security Mode Displays current EVS security mode settings, and allows you to change those settings.
    Default File System Security Mode Indicates the default security mode that is in effect for the entire EVS. Click the Switch Mode link to switch the security mode for the entire EVS. You can switch between Mixed mode and UNIX mode.
    Filter Control the information displayed in this page. In the File Systems field, select whether to show file systems. In the Virtual Volumes field, select whether to show virtual volumes. Click filter to refresh the page based on the criteria selected in these two fields.
    EVS List of all virtual servers (EVSs) defined by the filter.
    File System If this column is blank, the displayed security mode is associated with the EVS.

    If this column displays a file system label, the displayed security mode is associated with this specific file system.

    Virtual Volume Lists the virtual volumes found on the file systems defined by the filter.
    Mode Security mode defined on the EVS or file system. File systems without an explicit security mode configuration inherit security mode from the EVS.
    details Advances to the Security Configuration page in which the security mode for the selected EVS can be modified.
    CIFS Setup Advances to a page in which CIFS setup can be performed.


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