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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Deleting a file system

You can delete a file system at any time. After a file system has been deleted, the free space is restored to its storage pool.

  • After a file system has been deleted, it can still be undeleted if it is still in the recycle bin.
  • Freed chunks move to a vacated-chunks-list. See the CLI man pages for details.
  • Vacated chunks are reused when you create or expand other storage pools.
  • You must be either a Global Admin or Storage Admin, and must have Advanced Mode enabled to delete a file system. For more information, refer to the Storage System User Administration Guide.


  1. Navigate to Home Storage Management File Systems to display a list of all file systems.

  2. For the file system to be deleted, click details.

  3. If the file system is mounted click unmount and click OK. If the file system is unmounted, skip this step.

  4. In the Actions section, click delete and click OK.


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