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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Formatting a file system

Formatting a file system prepares it for use by clients for data storage. File systems created through the NAS Manager are formatted and mounted automatically. Therefore, this procedure should rarely, if ever, be used. This procedure assumes that the file system has already been mounted.


  1. From the Home page, navigate to Storage Management File Systems to display a list of all file systems.

  2. For the file system to be formatted, click details.

  3. If the file system is mounted, do the following to unmount it:

    1. In the Label column, select the file system.

    2. In the Actions section, click unmount.

    3. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.

  4. Click format to display the Format File System page.

  5. Use the radio buttons to select 32 KiB or 4 KiB as the block size for the file system.

  6. If the file system will be the target of an object replication, select the Object Replication Target checkbox. If the file system will not be the target of an object replication, make sure the Object Replication Target checkbox is cleared.

    A file system must be formatted as an object replication target in order to be the target of a replication. When this check box is selected, the file system will be formatted to allow shares and exports.
  7. Click OK to format the file system and return to the File System details page.


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