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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Supported file system limits

The number of supported file systems on a NAS server depends on the model.

By default, a server can support up to 128 filesystems at a time.

The maximum number of supported file systems for each model is:

Model Maximum number of supported file systems
4040 128
4060 / 4080 500
4100 / NAS module 500
5200 / 5300500

To increase the number of supported file systems from the default to the maximum, contact customer support.

For further information, see the CLI command filesystem-enable-max-count man page.

Per-span limits

By default, there is a limit of 32 filesystems per span. If you require a greater number of filesystems per span, it is possible to increase this number using the filesystem-create CLI command with the --exceed-safe-count option. This option must not be used when creating up to 32 filesystems. It must only be used when creating filesystems beyond the 32nd one.

NoteThis option is only available on the CLI. The NAS Manager does not permit you to create more than 32 filesystems.

Creating too many filesystems fills up the filesystem catalogue. The filesystem catalogue usage is dependent on the filesystem name lengths; the longer the name of the filesystem, the more space it consumes in the catalogue. Use the span-dump command to check the remaining space in the FS catalogue.

For example:

Span-dump output

If the filesystem catalogue is full, this will cause the recycle bin to become unavailable. In this case, in order to delete a filesystem, it is necessary to use the filesystem-delete --no-undeletion-information option to bypass the recycle bin.

NoteThere is a limit of 128 filesystems that can be assigned to a single EVS.


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